Antique Prints of Various Games (Spiele, Giocchi, Jeux)

All are in Very Good condition unless otherwise mentioned.
Remember old prints have some natural patina of their age.

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"Le Tric-Trac"

Copper etching by Jean Philippe Le Bas (1707-1783)

after the paintingCharles Eisen (1720-1778)

A Lady and a Gentlemen play tric-trac. Two interested onlookers.

Wide margins show some age and use. Genral light age toning. A few scattered spots.

Image: 31,8 x 25,3 cm (ca. 12.5 x 10")

Image with title and poem copper plate marks: 37,6 x 27 cm (ca. 14.8 x 10.6")

Sheet size: 51,6 x 35,8 cm (ca. 20.3 x 14")

$ 480.00

Order Nr. GAMES245963

"R. Armenise: Beim Kartenspiel" ( Playing Cards )

Wood engraving after R. Armensie ca 1900.

22.7 x 32 cm ( 8.9 x 12.5 ")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. GAMES240029

"Die Bank gesprengt" ( winning the prize )

Wood engraving printed in color after the watercolor by Edward Cucuel ( 1875-1954 ).

Published 1899. On the reverse side is text in German by Hermione von Preuschen about
the evening in the casino when the grand prize was won.

Vertical centerfold to fit original book size. Wide margins.

29 x 46.5 cm ( 11.4 x 18.3 ")

$ 85.00

Order Nr. GAMES245686

"Die Tarockbrueder"

Wood engraving ca 1880. Reverse side is printed.

13.2 x 10 cm ( 5.1 x 3.9 ")

$ 20.00

Order Nr. GAMES240030

"The Gamesters Die Spieler"

Card Players

Notice that the left player is holding some cards behind his back. The person in the background looks over the shoulder of the right player and gives the left player a signal.

Steel engraving by A.H. Payne after Caravaggio ca 1850. The print was done after the painting the "Falschspieler" that was later accredited to Valentine de Boulogne (1594-1632). It is in the Galerie of Alte Meister in Dresden.

Some light ink rubbing under the image..

12 x 16.5 cm ( 4.7 x 6.4 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. GAMES243451

"Le Jeu de L'Ecarte"

Copper etching after the drawing by Louis Leopold Boilly (1761-1845)

Boilly published this beautiful card playing scene ca. 1835. The print we offer here is a later edition published as a copper engraving ca. 1880

Paper has overall age toning. There is minimal rubbing in non sensitive areas. Print had once been framed and exposed to light.

32,3 x 41,6 cm (ca. 12.7 x 16.4")

$ 240.00

Order Nr. GAMES243205

Chess tournament - Hastings- 1895

"Die Spieler des Schachturniers zu Hastings" ( an international chess tournament in Hastings 1895 )

Participants: Hull, Blackbourne, Janowski, Teichmann, Pillsbury, Schiffers, Gunsberg, Schlechter, von Lennap, Dobell. Cole.
Walbrodt, Bergani, Albin, Mieses, Tarrasch, Watney, Steinitz, Bird, Marco, Tschgorin ( Chigorin).

Wood engraving made after a photograph. 1895. Above the image and on the reverse side is an article ( in German )
about this chess tournament.

Image: 7.8 x 16.5 cm ( 3 x 6.4 ")

Order Nr. GAMES243429SOLD

Roulett  Spielsaal Casino

"C. B. Kuechler: Im Spielsaal zu Ostende"

Wood engraving after a painting by C. B. Kuechler. 1898.
Vertical centerfold.

32 x 45 cm ( 12.5 x 17.7 ")

$ 30.00

Order Nr. GAMES245702

"Diabolo" auf dem Lande (Diabolo in the country)

Wood engraving after A. Roessler ca 1900.
Reverse side is printed.

21.7 x 17 cm ( 8.5 x 6.6 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. GAMES235858 SOLD

"Kleiner Irrtum"
"Die Burschen haben wohl wieder furchtbar gerauft? - O na - does is ja unser neuer Diabolo-Klub"

Wood engraving after A. Roessler ca 1900.
Reverse side is printed.

18.5 x 14.7 cm ( 7.2 x 5.7 "

$ 35.00

Order Nr. GAME238008

"Dame spielende Araber in Tunis" ( Arabs playing chess (Dame) in Tunis)

Wood engraving after a painting by Ludwig Scheuermann ca 1885.
Reverse side is printed.

31 x 23 cm ( 12.2 x 9 ")

$ 55.00

Order Nr. TUNISIA240032

"Adelheid von Weislingen am Hofe des Bischofs von Bamberg" ( Playing Chess)

Wood engraving after the oil painting by Hermann Koch ca 1885.
Reverse side is printed. Vertical centerfold. Overall light age toning.

25.5 x 35.5 cm ( 10 x 13.9 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. GAMES240031

"F. Cucuel: Die Bank gesprengt!"

Chromolithograph of the watercolor by F. ( Edward ) Cucuel ca 1900.
Reverse side is printed. Vertical centerfold.

29 x 46 cm ( 11.4 x 18.1 ")

$ 160.00

Order Nr. GAMES240027

"Jean Beraud: Im Spielsaal zu Monaco"

Wood engraving by Ch. Baude after Jean Beraud ca 1900.
Vertical centerfold.

30.4 x 44 cm ( 12 x 17.3 ")

$ 120.00

Order Nr. GAMES240028

"City People in the Country. Rained In !" ( Playing Cards )

Wood engraving ca 1880. Small repaired tear in upper margin.

17.7 x 23.2 cm ( 6.9 x 9.1 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. GAMES240128

"Salon de 1861. - Paysans romains jouant a la ruzzica. "
( Roman countrymen playing ruzzica)

Wood engraving madee after the painting by J. Le Cointe dated 1861.
Ruzzica ( also ruzica and ruzzola ) is a traditional game played in Lazio.
Reverse side is printed. Light browning. Tiny repaired tear on lower margin edge.

21.8 x 29 cm ( 8.5 x 11.4 ")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ROMA237547

" Trick-Track-Spieler in einem aegyptischen Kaffeehause"
( Trick track players in an Egyptian coffe house )

Wood engraving after a painting by L. Carl Mueller dated 1884.
Reverse side is printed.

17 x 26.3 cm ( 6.6 x 10.3 ")

$ 30.00

Order Nr. EGYPT239312

Koreanische Fischerfamilie
Famille de pecheurs de Corea

Play the game of "Go".

Lithograph by J. Honegger from „Naturgeschichte und Abblidung des Menschen..." by HeinrichRudolf Schinz. Zurich, 1845. (Native people of the world).

Clean. Some miniscule foxing.

Page size: 36 x 26 cm (14.2 x 10.2")


Order Nr. ETHNOLOGY96038

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