William Hogarth

William Hogarth (1697-1664) was an English painter, engraver, print maker. You might also consider him one of the first cartoonists. His range of art went from realistic and well executed portraying to sturdy and rude social criticism. His glance upon society was subtly unveiling truth about often mendacious behavior. Hogarth's approach was not at all bashful, but bold and sometimes even crude. There is a large community of Hogarth lovers. "Marriage a la Mode", "A Rake's Progress", "A Harlot's Progress", "Industry and Idleness", "The Four Stages of Cruelty" "The Four Times of the Day", in which he showed his affection to Freemasonry are all serial engravings telling about life as it were and, well, as it still is!

The very rare first edition of his graphic work Hogarth engraved himself. The collectable second edition was engraved by Thomas Cook (1744-1818). His plates are individually dated and published In London by Robinson in 1806.

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"Strolling Players"

Actresses of an ambulant theatre get dressed while rehearsing in an abandoned barn for their performance. The show to be performed is "Devil to pay in Heaven", as is revealed on the Theatre Play Bill at left bottom. And the scene is full of hints about the performers as about political decisions like "The Act against strolling players" shutting down most of the itinerant theaters in England during those days. As usual Hogarth dwells on exaggeration, although he hits the nail on the head regarding the circumstances of such traveling theatre folk.

Print has very nice impression but is trimmed to plate marks, margin edges showing some traces of age and use. There are minor little cuts and some foxing in margins.

Engraver is Thomas Cook. Print is dated 1800.

40,8 x 53,3 cm (ca. 16 x 21")

$ 650.00

Order Nr. HOGARTH242212

"March to Finchley"

This print after Hogarth's painting depicts the accompanying excesses during a mustering of troops, who marched north to Finchley in 1745 to defend the British capotal against the second Jacobite uprising, aimed at the restitution of the Stuart Dynasty. The curious ey will not stop finding hidden hints which are in plain sight. Have fun looking, searching, finding!

Print has a nice deeply dark impression and is well preserved in the image. It has been trimmed almost to plate marks. Margin edges show traces of age and use. One well repaired small tear in upper margin (hardly traceable).

Engraved by Thomas Cook and dated 1799.

41 x 53,8 cm (ca. 16.1 x 21.2")

$ 400.00

Order Nr. HOGARTH242213

"Pit Ticket"

Type of print:Copper etching

Engraver: Thomas Cook (1744-1818)

Artist: William Hogarth (1697-1764)

Published: London, dated 1796

Condition: Strong impression. Very light general age toning. Ample margins.

Only minuscule traces of age and use.

29 x 36,5 cm (ca. 11.4 x 14.4")

$ 480.00

Order Nr. HOGARTH240135



"Morning", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 41 cm (ca. 19.5 x 16")

"Noon", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 40 x(ca. 19.5 x 15.7")

"Evening", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 40 cm (ca. 19.5 x 15.7")

"Night", dated 1798 - 50 x 39,5 cm (ca. 19.7 x 15.5")

Four times of day.

Copper etchings by Thomas Cook (1744-1818) after William Hogarth (1697-1764)

Published ny G.G. & J. Robinson. London, 1802

The last of the foursome: ăNight" shows a man with insignia of Freemasonry: Masonic Apron and square. A hand with a chamber pot pours its content upon this man. Hogarths drastic way of expressing the mood against the newly founded Freemasonry in England at his time.

Some traces of age and use. But basically in better than good condition

The plates differ slightly in size. See above. Measures within plate marks.

Price for the quartet $ 1800.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY248637

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