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"Chin India & N.W. Oceania"

Type of print: Steel engraving

Engraver: J.H. Young

Color: Beautiful original hand coloring

Publisher: Thomas G. Bradford (1802-1887)

Published: Boston, 1835

Map shows Southeast Asia from the mouth of the Ganges River to the Northwestetern corner of Papua Guinea including all of the Philippines.

Very good condition. Bright, good and attractive hand coloring.

20,2 x 24,7 cm (ca. 8 x 9.7")


"Carte des Isles de Java, Sumatra, Borneo & les Detroits de la Sonde Malaca et Banca Golphe de
Siam &".
Copper etching by Bellin. Ca. 1750. Modern hand coloring. From the original French edition of the atlas.

Map has overall light age toning and some light browning of extreme outer margins.

Ca 25 x 29 cm ( 9.8 x 11.4 ")


Indonesia. - "Carte Particuliere du Droite du Boutoun Levee et Dressee dans le Voyage du Contre-Amiral Bruni-Dentrecasteaux. Par C.F. Beautemps-Beaupre Ingenieur Hydrographe en Septembre et Octobre 1793"

Aerial view map of the Strait of Buton. We are looking at the south-east corner of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), the islands of Monse, Palau Buton and Palau Muna.

VerY detailed map with focus on the narrows on the south-eastern corner of the former Celebes.

Copper etching. Published by the French Navy. Paris, 1821-23

Excellent condition.

Sheet size: 66 x 99 cm (ca. 26 x 39")

$ 1200.00


Carte De L'Isle Célèbes ou Macassar

"Carte De L'Isle Célèbes ou Macassar. Copper etching by Bellin. Ca. 1750. Modern hand coloring. From the original French edition of the atlas. Modern hand coloring.

Map has light creasing in lower area.

20.5 x 14.5 cm ( 8 x 5.7 ")

$ 80.00


"Carte de la Malaisie"

Copper etching with very attractive hand coloring.

Shows asia of Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malysia, to the Wesuern edge of Ne Guinea and North West Australia.

Engraver: A. Vuillemin

Published in "Geographie Moderne".

Printed by Bellier & Sarrazin. Paris, ca. 1840

Very good condition.

21,7 x 29 cm (ca. 8.5 x 11.4")

$ 220.00


"Philippine Islands"

Detailed map printed in color ca 1900. Reverse side is printed.
Minor signs of age and use in margins.

27 x 22 cm ( 10.6 x 8.6 ")

$ 50.00


"Descrittione Dell'India Orientale - Con quella d'innumerabili Isolee sparse per l'Oriental Oceano e per l'Indo, lequali a lei s'aspettano" Plate XXXII (32). China, Japan, Southeast Asia south to New Guinea

Type of print: Copper etching

Artist: Girolamo Porro

Published in: "Geografia cioe Descrittione Universale della Terra"

Publisher: Gio. Battista & Giorgio Galignani Fratelli

Edition: Italian edition

Editor: Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1617)

Text: Italian. Complete on front and on reverse side

Published in:Venice



Map size: Ca. 12,5 x 17 cm (ca. 4.9 x 6.7")

Page size: Ca. 28,5 x 19 cm (ca. 11.2 x 7.5")

Condition: Very minor traces of age.

$ 450.00

Order Nr. INDIAMAP236715

"Die Ostindischen Inseln"

Steel engraving by F. von Stuelpnagel and Herm. Berghaus for Stieler dated 1871.
Original hand outline coloring.

Detailed map of the East Indian Islands with coloring showing their Colonial connections at the time. The color key is in the lower left corner. In the upper right is a small inset showing the Netherlands as a size comparison.

Some very minor spotting in margins. Clean image. Vertical centeerfold.

31 x 40 cm ( 12.2 x 15.7 ")

$ 180.00


"Carte de l'Isle de Sumatra"

Hand colored copper etching by Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)

Bellin was Chief cartographer of the French Navy

Bellin published this map in his "Petit Atlas Maritime". Paris, 1749

The here offered map was published in tome 9 of "Histoires Generale Des Voyages"

Author: Abbe Antoine-Francois Prevost (1697-1763)

15 volumes. Paris, 1746-1760

Map shows the Island of Sumatra,

The Peninsula of Malacca (Malaysia),

The City (Republic) of Singapore,

The equator running right through the center.

Very pleasant hand coloring

Prevost's Histoire des voyages was a series of small sized books, which explains why this map has several vertical and horizontal folds, namely to fit the book size.

24,5 x 28 cm (ca. 9.6 x 11")

$ 320.00


"De L'Asie. Isles de la Sonde Vers L'Orient". Copper etching by Mallet, 1682. Modern hand coloring.

At the top of this Southeast Asian map is the southern part of the Philipines. On the left side is part of Borneo. At the bottom of the map is the island chain with Timor and a bit to the north is Celebes. On the backside is text in French about the islands of southeast Asia.

Small, repaired tear on upper margin edge. Two fine creases in right margin. Condition is otherwise Almost Very Good.

14 x 10 cm ( 5.5 x 3.9 ")


"Ost - Indien"

Steel engraving by Alt after F. von Stuelpnagel for Stieler. Dated 1871. Original hand outline coloring.

Very detailed map showing India and Southeast Asia. On the right side is an inset of Great Britain to compare the size of India and Southeast Asia.

Map is in good condition. Very small repair in lower margin on the vertical centerfold.

30.8 x 40 cm ( 12.1 x 15.7 ")

$ 160.00


"India extra Gangem"

Map of India with Bangladesh and Myanmar to the Gulf of Siam.

Hand-colored woodcut:
Antique author: Claudius Prolemy.
Author: Lorenz Fries ( 1489-1550 )
Publisher: Michael Servetus ( 1511-1553 ) Lyon.
Co-Publisher: Gaspard Trechsel, Vienna
Date: 1541 ( repeat editions of 1513, 1522 and 1535.

The map is is very good condition for its age. Vertical centerfold.A few light spots.

Page size: 40.8 x 55.3 cm ( 16 x 21.8 ")
Map image: 28 x 31.5 cm ( 11 x 12.4 ")

$ 2800.00


"Chin India & N.W. Oceanica". Copper etching in original coloring.By J.H.Young.From the Malte-Brun
Atlas, 1832.

Area: South East Asia to Sandelwood and Timor Islands in the South, Western part of New Guinea in the East
and southern part of China in the North. Condition: Very Good.

Ca 20 x 24.7 cm (7.9 x 9.7")


"Ostindien II: Hinterindien"

Detailed map of East India and the northern part of Southeast Asia. Published 1894.
In the lower leftis a small inset with the Strait of Singapor. Narrow left margin.

21.5 x 15 cm ( 8.4 x 5.9 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. INDIA248671

"Sumatra ein grosse Insel so von den alten Geographen Taprobana benennet worden"

Hand-colored wood cut. Published in "Cosmographia" by Sebastian Muenster.

Basel, ca. 1590

This very decorative map shows the Indonesian Island of Sumatra and the Malayan Peninsula Malakka with Singapore (spelled here "Cingaporo") with the islands in the Strait of Singapore and the north-western corner of Java. Upper right has explanatory text. Lower right shows an Indian elephant.

Ptolemy actually had used the elephant reversed for his map of Sri Lanka with the title "Taprobana".

The most ancient, most regionally pointed and most decorative map of Singapore and Sumatra, ca. 420 years old!

Pleasant modest hand coloring. Some creasing. Some minor traces of age and use. Reverse side has map title.
Vertical centerfold.

31 x 35,5 cm (ca. 12.2 x 15.1")


„Nuova Carta dell' India di la del Fiume Ganges overo di Malacca, Siam, Cambodia, Chiampa, Kochinchina, Laos Peguava etc."

Copper etching by Isac Tirion. Recent hand coloring. Amsterdam, 1740

Map of South-East Asia from the delta of the Ganges to Canton in China and from just north of the Tropic of Cancer to Sumatra and Borneo.

Clean map in pleasant hand-coloring. The vertical and horizontal folds to fit book size well ironed out. Margin in lower right corner is narrow. Map has a repaired tear. The tear is in the upper right corner starting in the middle of the right margin and reaching almost to Macao. The tear is professionally repaired. It is visible but hardly disturbing.

Lower left corner shows title cartouche in shape of a marble block and its color markings. A very attractive and detailed map!

27.9 x 35.5 cm (11 x 14")


"Voelkerkarte von Australien, Ozeanien und Suedostasien"

Extensive map of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania showing the various peoples and their habitats.
In the lower left is a map color key corresponding to the various circled regions on the map. Published 1902.
Map has two vertical folds to fit original book size. Very good condition.

20.5 x 35.5 cm ( 7.8 x 13.9 ")

$ 40.00


"Empire Birman"

Steel engraving ca 1860. Lower margin is narrow.

18 x 10.3 cm ( 7 x 4 ")

$ 55.00


Carte de L Indo-Chine Septrionale

"Carte de L Indo-Chine Septrionale"

Detailed map of Southeastasia. In the center and upper right is China. Part of Myanmar ( Birma ) is in the lower left corner.
In the lower center part is northern Laos.

Wood engraving by Erhard published 1872. Reverse side is printed.

15.5 x 23.5 cm ( 6.1 x 9.2 ")

$ 40.00


"Karte von den Philippinischen CELEBES und Molukkischen Eylanden"

Hand-colored copper etching by Jacques- Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)

Published in "Petis Atlas maritime". Paris, 1748

Left margin added. Utmost left black margin line occasionally injured. Between Celebes and the Moluccan Islands thin paper only to be seen agains source of light

21,4 x 15 cm (ca. 8.4 x 5.9")

$ 190.00


Carte Des Isles Philippines Celebes et Moluques

"Carte Des Isles Philippines Celebes et Moluques". Copper etching by Bellin from the Frenchedition of his atlas,
ca. 1750. Hand coloring.

This map shows the Philippine Islands in the north, parts of Borneo and Java to the southwest, the Celebes in orange,
the Moluccas in the southeast and Timor in the south. The red horizontal line is the Equator for help in orientation.

Map has several folds to fit atlas size. Condition: Very Good.

Ca 21 x 15 cm ( 8.3 x 5.9 ")


"Map of the Sooloo Sea and Archipelago…" Sulu Sea

South-oriented map shows the Sulu Sea encircled by parts of Borneo and the southwestern
islands of the Philippines. Outlines of Negros, Panay, Cuyo Islands, Tablas, Mindoro, Busvagan,
Palawan, Balabac, Tawitawi, Sulu Archipelago, Basilan and many small islands that are individually named.

Type of print: Line lithograph. Outline hand coloring.

Artist: Anonymous

Published by: US Exploration Expedition

Time: Dated. 1842

Condition: Very Good. Two vertical folds to fit book size

Ca. 21 x 29 cm (ca. 8.3 x 11.4")


Carte de L'Isle Célèbes ou Macasser

"Carte de L'Isle Célèbes ou Macasser". Copper etching by Bellin, ca 1750. Modern hand coloring.

This detailed map shows the topography and settlements of the Celebes known from the early explorations. Many
of the surrounding islands are shown. The dark line in the upper part is the Equator. The various kingdoms of the
times are named on the map.

Upper edge of map shows light browning and right edge is lightly frayed. General conditon is Very Good.

Ca 20.7 x 14.7 cm ( 8.14 x

$ 120.00


"Florenkarte von Australien und Ozeanien"

An interesting map for botanists showing the tropical areas, deserts, eucalyptus forests, Alpine regions
and Proteaceen regions. Published 1902. Vertical centerfold to fit original book size.

21 x 28 cm ( 8.2 x 11 " )

$ 40.00


"Politische Uebersichtskarte von Australien und Ozeanien"
"mit angabe der Verkehrslinien"

Detailed map showing the political status of the region in 1902. The lines show
telegraph, shipping and train routes. Vertical centerfold to fit original book size.

21 x 28 cm ( 8.2 x 11 " )

$ 40.00


The east Coast of the Bay of Siam upon a larger scale

"The east Coast of the Bay of Siam upon a larger scale." Copper engraving from the "Phil. Transitions", ca 1760.

Map shows part of the Bay of Siam as it was known at the time. In the upper right corner is the Great Bay and the River Menam with Siam City (Bangkok) in the corner. At the bottom center is a bit of the River Mecon (Mekong) and Cambodia City. The main text of the map is English except for a small notation in Greek in the lower right.

Map has folds to fit book size. Repaired tear in lower left corner that reaches into image. Upper and lower margins have been widened.

20.5 x 25.7 cm ( 8 x 10.1 ")

$ 90.00


Map Of Hindoostan, Farther India, China, and Tibet.

"Map Of Hindoostan, Farther India, China, and Tibet."

Steel engraving from "Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps Of The Various Countries Of The World, Plans Of Cities, Etc. Embraced In Forty-Seven Quarto Maps, Forming A Series Of Seventy-Six Maps And Plans, Together With Valuable Statistical Tables." Published in Philadelphia 1860. This is from the first edition of the atlas that was published until 1893. Original hand coloring.

"Farther Asia" refers to what we refer to as Southeast Asia.

Margins have lght spotting. Overall pleasant light age toning.

Map with border: 28.5 x 35 cm ( 11.2 x 13.7 ")

$ 90.00

Order Nr. INDIA239574

"Carta del Golfo di Bengala Tratta dalla Carta dell' Oceano Orientale Pubblicato d'ordine del Sigr. Conte di Maurepas, nel 1740." Copper engraving by Bellin, dated 1740. Modern hand coloring.

The coasts surrounding the Bay of Bengal is the theme of this map with the decorative windrose in the center. At the top center of the map is the mouth of the Ganges river. In the lower left is part of Sumatra.

Map has several folds to fit book size. Binding area in lower left margin has been added. In the upper right is a curious, round gray spot which makes the general condition only Better than Good.

21.2 x 28.5 cm ( 8.3 x 11.2 ")

$ 350.00

Order Nr. INDIAMAP1680


"Karte von Kakatau und Umgebung"

Wood engraving published 1901. Reverse side is printed.

8.5 x 12 cm ( 3.3 c 4.7 ")

$ 45.00


"Carte de l'Empire du Grand Mogul". Copper etching from 1719. A historical map showing the Persian kingdoms
in the west , the Kingdom of Tibet in the north, the Kingdom of Baratola in the east, and the Kingdom of Brama with Siam
in the southeast.

This map is is Very Good Condition except for being cut to the outer margin. Very clean and a strong print.

Ca 11.7 x 15.5 cm ( 4.6 x 6.1 ")

$ 160.00

Order Nr. INDIAMAP1668

" Carte de la Partie Inférieure de L'Inde en de Çàdu du Gange contant L'Isle de Ceylan, Les Côtes de Malabar et de Coromandel ". Copper etching by Rigobert Bonne (1729-1795) for "Atlas de toutes les parties connues du globe terrestre" by Guillaume Thomas Francois Raynal (1713-1796). Published 1780 in Geneva. Modern hand coloring.

Here is a map showing just the southern part of India with Poona the northernmost city. Sri Lanka lies to the southeast and in the upper right is the tip of Burma. The red arrows show wind directions during the months of the year.

Map has overall age toning and some light creases in margin. General condition is almost Very Good.

Ca 20.2 x 31 cm ( 7.9 x 12.2 ")


"Carta Dell'Isole di Giava Sumatra Borneo etc. Gli Stretti della Sonda Malaca e Banca Golfo di Siam
Copper etching by Bellin. Ca. 1755. Modern hand coloring. From the Italian edition of the atlas.

A fine map of this area of Southeast Asia. IN the upper left is part of Thailand, cambodia and viet Nam. In the upper right
corner is Mindoro, Panay and smaller islands of the Philippines. In the lower right is Sumbava and part of Flores with the Celebes (color pink) north of the Flores Sea.

Map shows light graying on some folds. Light offsetting (hardly noticeable) caused at publishing time in a few areas.
Browning on right and upper margin edges. Part of left margin has been widened. Map is otherwise in Almost Very
Good condition.

Ca 24 x 28 cm ( 9.4 x 11 ")

$ 160.00


"Carte Particular Des Isles Moluques". Copper etching for the Bellin atlas, ca 1750. Modern hand coloring.

For orientation: the dark horizontal line in the lower area is the Equater. At the top is the island Herij with Ternate slightly to the south in pink. At the bottom is Bacan and Manen. On the right is part of the Isle de Gilolo ( Halmahera).

Map image is very clean. Miniscule spotting in lower margin and light browning of margin edges. Visible against the light are a few pinpoint-size holes in margins. Light creasing on lower right margin corner. Overall condition is otherwise Almost Very good.

21.5 x 15.5 cm ( 8.4 x 6.1 ")


"East India Islands". Lithograph in modern outline coloring by G. Boyton. Published in Boston by Samuel
Walker about 1850.A detailed map of Soueast Asia with some topographical elements shown on the various islands
and land areas. Condition: Excellent.

Ca 19 x 23.3 cm ( 7.5 x 9.2 " )


"Die Ostindischen Inseln"

Steel engraving. Original borderline hand coloring.

Published in Germany, ca. 1850

Detailed map of Southeast Asia.

Some minor traces of age and use.

31 x 40 cm (12.2 x 15.7")

$ 130.00


"Ostindische Inseln" Steel engraving with original hand outline color dated 1866. Published in Hildburghausen by the Bibliographisches Institut.

There is a color chart under the title corresponding to the various countries (Netherlands, England, Spain, Portugal and France) that have colonies in the region. Very detailed map with some of the earlier names of the region.

Map has light toning and original vertical centerfold. Wide margins. Good condition.

29 x 35.8 cm ( 11.4 x 14 ")

$ 75.00


"Seconde Partie de la Carte d'Asie contenant la Chine et partie de la Tartarie, l'Inde au delà du Gange, les isles Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Moluques, Philippines, et du Japon." Copper etching by Jean Baptiste d'Anville (1697-1782). Published in Paris, 1752.

This is the southern part of a two-part Asian map. It reaches in the north as far as Hainan and includes parts of Burma, Laos, Vietnam, all of Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as the eastern part of New Guinea. The title cartouche in the lower right corner is decorated with dragons and a Chinese mask.

The map has a small water spot in the lower left corner and one in the lower margin. There is a fold parallel to centerfold to fit book size. General condition is Almost Very Good.

48.9 x 68.7 cm ( 19.6 x 27 ")


"Carte De L'Ocean Oriental ou Mer des Indes". Copper etching by Bellin, 1746. Modern hand coloring.

Map shows the Indian Ocean and surrounding countries. Notice the shape of eastern Africa with the Cape of Good Hope in the lower left corner. In the lower right corner is part of New Holland (Australia) and in the upper right corner is part of China with Canton. Notice the many small islands shown as well as the sea directions for early sailors.

Map has hardly visible folds to fit atlas size. Map is very clean. In lower left are a few rubbed spots. Map is otherwise in Almost Very Good condition.

34 x 48 cm ( 13.3 x 18.8 ")

$ 370.00


Malasie et Indochine Carte Speciale pour Java, Siam et Canton Voyage autour du Monde par le Comte de Bauvoir." Wood engraving by Erhard and published by E. Plon ca 1890. From the Atlas Bonnefont.

In the lower left corner is an inset showing details of Java.

Map has a vertical centerfold. A few minimal spots in margins.

20.5 x 30.3 cm ( 8 x 11.9 ")

$ 40.00


"Australien". Copper etching from a German source ca 1800. Original hand outline coloring.

Interesting map of Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. In the upper left is a bit of mainland China and in the upper right a tiny corner of California with San Diego. On the right edge are the Easter Islands and at the lower center are Campbells and Macquarries Islands.

Map has wide margins and hardly any spotting. Repair on lower margin and two tiny repairs in image that are only visible from the backside. Condition is otherwise Better than Good.

29.2 x 39 cm ( 11.4 x 15.3 ")

$ 375.00


"Southern Hemisphere Projected on the Plane of the Horizon of London". Copper etching by J. & G. Menzies after Geo. Buchanan for "Thomson's New General Atlas", published in 1816. Original hand coloring.

This very interesting map shows the southern hemisphere with the South Pole shown in sketchy form. Notice Australia and Southeastern Asia on the upper left side. In the upper right part of the map are the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands). On the lower right is the southern part of South America. Lines show the various exploration routes of early explorers.

Map has browning on left margin, especially in the upper and lower corners. Horizontal centerfold. Lower margin edge is a bit frayed on right side. In upper margin is a light brown line.General condition is Better than Good.

Page size: 61 x 53.5 cm ( 24 x 21 ")

Diameter of map: 50 cm ( 19.6 ")

$ 400.00


"Ostindien 1849" Steel etching by G. Metzroth from "Neuster Zeitungs Atlas. Alter und Neuer Erdkunde" by J. Meyer, ca 1855. Original outline coloring.

Map shows India and part of Southeastern Asia (known then as the Empire of Burma) as it was in 1849. Notice that part of Malaysia goes over the outline in the lower right- In the upper left a bit of the Hindukush goes over the outline. In the upper right is part of China, the island of Hainan and the Golf of Tonkin.

Map has light overall age toning and a few light spots. General condition is Good.

21 x 26 cm ( 8.2 x 10.2 ")

$ 85.00

Order Nr. INDIAMAP1684

"Asiatischer Archipel und Neu Holland 1849". Steel etching from "Neuester Zeitungs Atlas. Alter und Neuer Erdkunde" by J. Meyer, ca 1855. Some original outline coloring.

This map shows Southeast Asia and Australia as it was in 1849. On the lower left side is a detailed inset of the southwestern point of Australia and at the bottom is New South Wales. At the top center of the map is the Philippine Island of Luzon. In the upper right are the Balik and Radikin Islands. At the bottom is a small color chart showing the various color chart corresponding to the colonies if England, Holland, Spain and Portugal. In the lower right are the islands of Norfolk and Nepcan.

Clean attractive map.

21.7 x 26.7 cm ( 8.5 x 10.5 ")

$ 120.00


No Title Copper etching from the "Philosophical Transactions" ca 1750.

West is at the top of this interesting outline map and north on the right side. On the right is part of Cochin China. In the upper right is the Bay of Siam. In the lower left is part of Java and part of Borneo is on the left at the bottom of the map. The Equator is the vertical line to the left. The map texts are in English.

Map has folds to fit book size. Light staining on map that is hardly visible. One very small repair on a fold line. General condition is better than Good.

25 x 34.5 cm ( 9.8 x 13.5 ")


"Nuova Carta delle Isole di Sunda come Borneo, Sumatra, e Iava Grande". Copper etching by Isacc Tirion (1705-1765) in Amsterdam, ca 1760. Modern hand coloring.

Detailed map showing part of Southeast Asia. At the top are the southern tips of Malaysia and Cambodia. On the far right is part of the Celebes.

Narrow upper margin. Binding area of lower right margin has been widened. Folds to fit book size. Overall in Almost Very Good Condition.

27 x 35.5 cm ( 14.5 x 13.9 ")


"Southeast Asia". Wood engraving printed in color ca 1900.

Map shows most of Asia and not all of Southeast Asia. At the bottom is an image of the state of Pennsylvania for size comparison.

Map is in good condition, Reverse side is printed.

21.7 x 27 cm ( 8.5 x 10.6 ")

$ 35.00


"Philippine Isalnds" Wood engraving printed in color ca 1900.

Interesting map of the Philippines. In the upper left is an inset of Manila. In the upper right are detailed insets of Guam, Wake Island, and the Tutuila and Manua Group. On the right side is an image of Connecticut to show size comparison. At the top center of the map are the islands Batan, Ibayat and Sabtan.

Map is in good condition, Reverse side is printed.

21.7 x 27 cm ( 8.5 x 10.6 ")



„Carte Hyro-geographique des Indes Orientales..."Copper engraving by Jean Lattré after Rigobert Bonne, the Royal Hydrographer (1727 - 1795). Beautifully decorative cartouche, very fine contemporary hand coloring (partially outline, partially general). Paris,1771.

This is part 3 of a map consisting of 4 sheets. It was published in Bonne's „Atlas Moderne". The map shows south coast of China with Hong Kong and Macao, the islands of Formosa (Taiwan), Hainan and Penghu Islands. It also shows the northern part of the Philippine island Luzon, NorthVietnam, Laos and part of norther Thailand (Siam). Upper right corner is explanatory text.¸

Map is very clean, has wide margins and is generallyin very, very good condition.

28.9 x 40.4 cm (11.4 x 15.9")

$ 220.00


"L'Oceania divisa nelle Quattro Sue Magne Part 1844". Lithograph from an Italian source, ca 1850. Original hand coloring.

It is easy to see the large area encompassed on this map of Oceania. In the upper left is part of China and Japan. In the upper right is paer of North America.

Map has wide margins with some light creases in margins, especially on edges. There is a spot on the map image in the norther part of Japan. S few very light scattered spots in margins.

21.5 x 32 cm ( 8.4 x 12.6 ")



"Océanie". Steel engraving by Laguillermie for C.V. Monin, ca 1850. Original outline coloring.

This map shows the various divisions of Oceania. In the lower right corner is an inset showing part of the eastern coast of Australia. Sydney is in the midlle of the coastline. At the bottom of the inset is the Muroo River. At the top is Cape Smokey and the Cockburn River.

Map has vertical centerfold. Tiny repaired tears on lower margin edge. Spotting on lower right margin edge.

28 x 39.5 cm ( 11 x 15.5 ")



"Carte de L'Océanie dresée et dessinée Sous la Direction de Mr. J.G. Barbie du Bocage". Steel engraving by Ch. Smith published in Paris by Maison Bassett ca 1850. Modern hand coloring.

A detailed and decorative map showing the southern Pacific and Asian region.

Except for some very minor spotting in margins, the map is in Very Good condition.

22.4 x 30.5 cm ( 8.8 x 12 ")

$ 350.00


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