Antique Bird Prints by Traviès

Here are three different editions of bird prints by Edouard Traviès.

These are some of the most beautiful and decorative antique bird prints.

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These beautiful etchings by Edouard Traviès are from his work,
Les oiseaux les plus remarquables", published by V. Delarue in Paris, 1857.
The original hand coloring and natural backgrounds add to the artistic and ornitholgical value
of these prints done by various engravers such as: Annedouche, Fournier, Pardinel, and Oudet.

Many of the prints have the upper or lower margin widened.
The same paper was used so that it is hardly noticeable.

Prints are clean with hardly any spotting unless otherwise noted.

The page size is about 12.5 x 16 cm ( 4.9 x 6.3 ")

At the bottom of the page are larger-sized prints by Traviès.

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L'Etourneau De La Louisiane. Le Baltimore

$ 85.00


Le Petit Oiseau Mouche L'Oiseau Mouche L'Oiseau Mouche Huppe Col.

Lower margin is added.

$ 85.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6723

Le Manucode Noir Le Manucode

Upper margin has been added.

$ 85.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6731

L'Aigrette (Egret) Le Héron Pourpré

Lower margin is somewhat narrow.

$ 75.00


Le Heron Commun Le Crabier

Lower margin is somewhat narrow.


L'Oiseau Mouche Huppé L'Oiseau Mouche À Raquettes

Lower margin is somewhat narrow.

$ 75.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6722

Le Torcol

Upper margin is added.

$ 50.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6706

Le Pique-Boef

Upper margin is added.

$ 50.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6708

Le Colibri Grenat L'Oiseau Mouche Jacobine

This print is larger. Page size: 25.5 x 16 cm ( 10 x 6.3 ")
Height of Aloe Plant: 16.5 cm ( 6.5 ")

$ 120.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6739

Scarce Traviès Prints

The following are large-sized prints lithographed by Edouard Traviès. He lithographed his name on each of these exquisite portrayals of birds in their natural habitat. The large size of these prints and their decorative appearace make them a special.

These prints were published simultaneously in 1857 in Paris and London. Our prints are those from the Paris edition.

Very fine, original hand coloring.

Notice that the birds are shown in their natural size on many of the prints.

Page size: 55.5 cm x 38.5 cm (21.8 x 15.1") Vertical Prints.
Page size: 38.5 x 55.5 cm (15.1 x 21.8 ") Horizontal Prints:

All prints have some light browning on margin edges. Some minimal scattered spotting in margins.
A few very small, repaired tears on margin edges.
Images are clean. Special faults are mentioned.

Ordering and Payment


Le Merle. (Buffon) Turdus Merula (Linee) Grandeur naturelle.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6740

Le Hobereau (Buffon) 2/3 nature
Falco Subbuteo (Linee)


Order Nr. TRAVIES6741

La Creccrelle (Buffon) 2/3 nature.
Falco Tinnunculus (Linnee)
Light crease on lower margin edge. Upper right margin corner has a crease.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6742

L'Efarvatte et son nid. Grandeur naturelle.
Sylvia arundinacea (Latham)


Order Nr. TRAVIES6743

Le Martin Pêcheur, ou l'Alcyon
Alcedo Ispida (Gmelin) grandeur naturelle
Two repaired tears 2cm long on lower margin edge.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6744

La Moustache (Buffon) Grandeuer Naturelle
Parus biarmicus. Linnee.
Small piece of upper right margin corner is missing. Two repaired 2 cm tears on lower margin edge.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6745

Petit Rubis de la Caroline. Male et femelle grandeuer naturelle.
Ornismya Rubinea (lesson)
Crease in lower left margin corner.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6748

Le Colibri-topaze male et femelle avec leur nid. grand. nat. (Buffon)
Trochilus pella (Linee)
De la Guiane.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6746

Pie-Grieche Perrin (Vaillant) Grande naturelle.
Lanius Gutturalis (Daudin)
Small creases in left margin corners.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6747

Le Pinson, male et femelle. (Buffon) Grandeur naturelle.
Fringila Coelebs. (Linee)
Light creases in lower margin corners.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6749

Le Pierre-Garin (Buffon) 2/3 nature
Sterna Hirondo (Linee)


Order Nr. TRAVIES 6750

La Bergeronnette de Printemps (Buffon)
Motacilla flava (Gmelin) Grandeur naturelle.
Crease in lower margin. Margin edges are a bit frayed. Tiny piece of upper left margin corner is missing.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6751

Le Vanneau, male et femelle 9/16 de la Grandeur Naturelle (Buffon)
Tringa vanellus (Linne)
Small brown spot near upper margin edge. 2 cm repaired tear on right margin edge.


Order Nr. TRAVIES6752

Le Loriot d'Europe
Oriolus galbula (Linee) Male, Femelle et nid 3/4 nature


Order Nr. TRAVIES6753

The following two Traviés prints were done after his original lithographs.

"Perdrix Rouges"

Lithograph from A. Godard after E. Traviès. Original hand coloring.

Page size: 26.5 x 34.7 cm ( 10.4 x 13.6 ")

$ 350.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6736

"Le Sénégali et le Gonolek mâle" (3/4 nature)

Lithograph by A. Godard after Thiolat.
Some very light scattered spotting.

Page size: 26.5 x 35 cm ( 10.4 x 13.7 ")

$ 370.00

Order Nr. BIRDTRAVIES 6738



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