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Seligmann, Johann Michael (engraver and art dealer in Nuremberg 1720-1762) " Recueil de divers Oiseaux étrangers et peu communs, qui se trouvent dans les ouvrages de MM Edwards et Catesby. Histoire naturelle de la Caroline, la Floride et les isles Bahama". Nuremberg 1770-1773.

The famous Catesby-birds are of the general area of the Carolinas, Florida and the Caribbean! The plants shown are all from this region. Original hand coloring. Fine prints with a few signs of age such as minimal spotting. Special flaws are noted.

Unless other wise noted, the sizes are:

Page size: 39 x 25.5 cm ( 15.3 x 10 ")
Plate size: ca 26 x 24 ( 10.2 x 9.4 ")

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Der brasilische Fasan

Phasianus Brasiliensis Le Guan ou Quan, ainsi nomme dans les Indes Occidentales.

After Edwards. Page of text (in German) included.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6511

Die purpurfarbe Dohle

Monedula Choucas couleur de Pourpre

After Catesby. Page of text (in German) included.
Tsome smudging in margins.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6510

"Wild Swan published Septem. 1743 by Edwards"

Copper engraving by Edwards.
Good condition. Very minor signs of age and use.

Page size: 28 x 20.5 cm ( 11 x 5.7")

$ 140.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN253300

Das weisse Birckhuhn

Lagopus La Perdrix blanche

After Edwards. Page of text (in German) included.
Two creases in lower margin corner.

$ 290.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6519

Die fuchfarbige Drossel

Turdus ruffus. Grive rousse.

After Catesby. A few scattered spots in margins.

$ 290.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6501

Carolinische Strichdrossel

Turdus pilaris migratorius Grive brune de passage

After Catesby. Page of text (in German) included.
Light spotting on margin edges..


"Der Fliegenstecher mit rother Platte"

Muscicapa Corona rubra - Le Tyran

THE TYRANT with Cornelian Cherry

German: Fliegenschnäpper mit Kornelkirsche

Lower margin has two faint spots distant from plate mark and one small foxing spot inside plate mark.
Very light browning of margin edges.

$ 550.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN251612

Das graue Rothschwaenzlein

Ruticilla, dorso cinereo Le rouge-queue gris

After Edwards. Light toning where image was once framed.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6516

Die Taube mit der weissen Krone

Coluba capite albo Pigeon a la couronne blanche.

After Catesby. Light smuding in margins.


Der schwarze Falck oder Habicht

Falco niger, Americanus La Favcon Noir

After Edwards.


Der specht mit Verguldeten Fluegeln

Picus varius major alis aureis Grand Piverd aux ailes d'or

After Catesby. Page of text (in German) included.
Light browning on margin edges.
Small creases on margin edges. Small piece of upper right corner is missing.

$ 320.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6525

Gold gekroenter Papegey
der kleine gruen und blaue Papegey

Psittacus minor vertice aureo La Perruche couronnee d'or
Psittacus minimus virida caeruleoque varius La plus petit des Perruches, vert et bleue

After Edwards. Left margin has been widened.

$ 320.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6524

Der rosenkoepfige Ring papagey

Psittacus minor torquatus capite roseo La Perruche à Colier à Tete couleur de Rose

After Edwards. Light browning on left margin edge.
Two small spots in upper left image.


Order Nr. SELIGMANN6523

Der Hanfling mit dem gelben Kopf

Linaria Mexicana capite flavo La Linotte a tete jaune

After Edwards. Page of text (in German) included.
Light crease in lower left margin corner. Small paper flaws in upper margin.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6522

Der schwarze indianische Guckguck

Cuculus Indicus niger La coucou noir des Indes

After Edwards. Page of text (in German) included..

$ 180.00

Order Nr. SELIGMANN6521

Der indianische Kybiz mit schwarzer Brust

Pluuialis Indicus pectore nigro Le Pluvier des Indes

After Edwards. Page of text (in German) included.


Order Nr. SELIGMANN6520

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