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"Indien und Ich"

By Hanns Heinz Ewers. Published 1923 by Georg Mueller in Munich.

Very interesting early travel book ( in German ) with 40 illustrations ( photos). The author ( Hanns Heinz Ewers )
wrote the preface to the book in 1911. Pages of book show natural age toning. Text is large enough to read
without problem.

Book size: 19.5 x 13.5 cm ( 7.6 x 5.3 ")

$ 20.00

Order Nr. BOOK241596SOLD

"Deutsches Turnfest 1953 Hamburg"

Documentation of the sport festival 2. - 9. August 1953. Very informative book with articles by Gert Abelbeck, Franz Wilhelm Beck, Hans Reip, Walter Umminger, Thilo Scheller, Dr. Josef Goehler and many others.

Many fine black and white photos with commentary in the 96 pages of this brochured book.

Published by Wilhelm Limpert-Verlag in Frankfurt/M.

All the text is German. Very minor signs of age and use on the cover. Inhalt very fine.

20.5 x 22.5 cm ( 8 x 8.8 ")

$ 12.00

Order Nr. BOOK243350

Front cover with information cover.


Front Cover


Back cover.


Examples of photography.


We offer a copy of "Foam", the International photography magazine published in Amsterdam.

This is the Summer 2011 issue that is more a book ( 200 pages) than magazine with articles ( in English ) and
photographs of renowned photographers from around the world.

Very good condition.

$ 20.00

Order Nr. BOOKFOAM240580


"The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade Ancient and Modern"

The firms of slavery that prevailed in ancient nations particularly in Greece and Rome. The African Slave Trade and the Political History of Slavery in the United States.

Compiled from authentic materials by W. O. Blake

Columbus, Ohio. Published and sold exclusively by subscription by J.&H. Miller



Fronispiece: "Havana" sic. General view of Havanna (La Habana), Cuba.

Steel engraving by W. Wellstood. After the drawing by J. W. Hill

12 x 18,8 cm (ca. 4.7 x 7.4"). Print is soiled and spotty. Upper margin has little tears.

Title as described above

Engravings, all of them spotty:

Opposite page 80 - "Christian Slavery in Barbary" (North Africa)

Opposite page 97 - "Branding slaves"

Opposite page 112 - "African Slave Traffic"

Opposite page 129 - "Plantation - Cotton picking"

Opposite page 208 - "Plantation Life - Brazil"

Opposite page 225 - "Plantation Scene - Sugar"

Opposite page 288 - "Plantation Scene Coffee"

Opposite page 305 - "Decks of a Slave Ship"

Book has 34 chapters on 832 pages including statistics and appendix.

New binding (20th century) has used gilded title. Letters are somewhat worn.

Pages have some foxing


Order Nr. BOOK240476SOLD

"Negro Folk Songs as Sung by Lead Belly"

King of the Twelve-String Guitar Players of the World Long time Convict in the Penitentiaries of Texas and Louisiana

Transcribed, selected and edited by John A. Lomax and Alan Lomax

Compiled of "American Ballads and Folk Songs"

Published by The Macmillan Company. New York, 1936

Frontispize: Photograph of guitar-playing Lead Belly by Otto Hesse

Title page and 242 pages with description of"Negro folk songs", with texts and some with notes.

Original linen binding with dust cover. Back of binding has a minor trace of age and use.

$ 140.00

Order Nr.BOOK240477

"Sie Reznicek Album"

Bei: Albert Langen Verlag für Litteratur und Kunst München 1907

Ferdinand von Reznicek (1868-1909)

Enthält die folgenden meist farbigen Tafeln:

A fescher Domino - Zu Hause - Variola vaccina - Die Sphinx - Im Spiel der Wellen - Das Resultat - Zarter Wink - Karneval - Katzen - Eine treue Seele - Beim Arzt - Die Mutter der Naiven - Zur lex Heinze - Das verbotene Buch - Auf der Hochzeitsreise - An Lisette - Das Wunder - Pressfreiheit - Gehupft wie gesprungen - Vor der Redoute - Höhere Töchter - Ekstase - Deutsche Prinzessinnen - Vor dem Ball - Nach dem Ball - Argwohn - Schönheit adelt - Moderne Ehen - Der Intendant - Der Frahsee.

Das Album ist mit 30 meist farbigen Tafeln komplett. Vorsatzpapier mit teilweise entferntem ursprünglichen Preisaufkleber. Ansonsten so gut wie makellos erhalten.

38.5 x 28.5 cm ( 15.1 x 11.2 ")

$ 300.00

Order Nr. BOOK239888

Zwei Seiten al Beispiele:



"Das Merkwuerdigste aus der malerischen Reise in Brasilien von Moriz Rugendas"

Mit 40 lithographirten Tafeln Abbildungen"

Schaffhausen in J. Brodtmann's lithographischen Kunst=Anstalt. 1836

(The most remarkable from the pittoresque journey in Brasil" by Johann Moritz Rugendas.

with 40 lithographic views)


Description Below

Front Cover of Book


Back Cover of Book


Book title





Here are a few samples of lithographs in this book

"Ansicht von Rio de Janeiro"

(View of Rio de Janeiro)


"Bota Fogo"


"Neger u. Negerin aus Bahia"


"Einsammeln des Caffe"

(Harvesting coffee)


"Das Merkwuerdigste aus der malerischen Reise in Brasilien

von Moriz Rugendas"

Mit 40 lithographirten Tafeln Abbildungen"

Schaffhausen in J. Brodtmann's lithographischen Kunst=Anstalt. 1836

(The most remarkable from the pittoresque journey in Brazil" by Moritz Rugendas)

Johann Moritz Rugendas 1802 Augsburg - 1858 Weilheim, Wuerttemberg, Germany), a blessed painter and illustrator went to Brazil at age 19 drawing impressions for Heinrich von Langsdorf's Brazilian expedition. He returned to Europe in 1825, met Alexander von Humboldt in Paris, became a close friend to him and was instigated by Humboldt to return to South America. Rugendas drew landscapes and people, their customs, their daily life.

Newly bound, most likely, in the second half 20th century. Back and corners of binding leather. Binding itself cardboard.

Book size: 35,3 x 27,3 cm (13.9 x 10.7")

Condition: Binding impeccable. Text pages and lithographs have some foxing. Text pages a little wrinkled. Some lithographs have faint water stains. In general: Much better than good.

Price: EURO 6000,00 (Sept. 2011: appr. $ 8300.00)

Lithographs by Joseph Brodtmann (1787-1862)

Some are credited to drawings by Johann Schweiker

All lithographs are full page.

Lithographs are black and white unless otherwise noted

Title: Book title as described above

German language text including page 51

Subtitle: "Landschaften aus Brasilien" (Landscapes in Brasil)

1. Abthl. Tafel 1: "Praya Rodriguez bey Rio-Janeiro"

Tafel 2 "Schiffahrt auf einem Seitenarm des Rio Doce"

Tafel 3 "Ein Urwald bey Manqueritapa in der Provinz Rio de Janeiro"

Tafel 4 "Serra - Ouro - Branco in der Provinz Minas Geraes"

Tafel 5 "Ansicht von Rio de Janeiro"

Tafel 6 "Ansicht des Berges Corcovado und der Vorstadt Catete"

Tafel 7 "Bota Fogo" - ( hand colored )

Tafel 8 "Wasserfall von Tijucca"

Tafel 9 "Mandiocca"

Tafel 10 "Serra dos Orgaos"


Subtitle: Portraete und Trachten der Indier

2te Abthl. Tafel 1 "Indische Familie auf der Reise Botocudos"

Tafel 2 "Indische Familie Botocudos"

Tafel 3 "Botocudos" 5 head portraits

Tafel 4 "Camacan" - "Machacali" - "Machacali" - "Camacan" - 4 head portraits

Tafel 5 "Puris" 4 head portraits

Tafel 6 "Coroados" - ŃCoropos" 4 head portraits


Subtitle: " Sitten und Gebraeuche der Indier"

3te Abthl. Tafel 1 "Europaesche Reisende begegnen den Indianern"

Tafel 2 "Indier in ihrer Huette"

Tafel 3 "Aldea von Tapuyas"

Tafel 4 "Indier auf der Tiger-Jagd"

Tafel 5 "Indische Strick-Bruecke"

Tafel 6 "Indischer Canot"

Tafel 7 "Tanz der Puris"

Tafel 8 "Guerillas"

Tafel 9 "Begraebniss eines Indianers"

Tafel 10 "Indier in einer Pflanzung"

Title: "Portraete und Trachten der Neger"

4te Abthl.

Tafel 1 "Neger u. Negerin in einer Pflanzung"

Tafel 2 "Negerinen von Rio-Janeiro"

Tafel 3 "Neger u. Negerin aus Bahia"

Tafel 4 "Qulioa" - "Cabinda" - "Mina" - "Rebolla" 4 portraits

Tafel 5 "Benguela" - "Congo" 4 portraits


Subtitle: "Leben und Gerbraeuche der Neger "

5te Abthl. Tafel 1 "Negersklaven- aufenthalt im Schiffsraum"

Tafel 2 "Ausschiffung der Negersklaven"

Tafel 3 "Negersklaven-Markt in Rio de Janeiro"

Tafel 4 "Negersklaven-Transport von dem Markt nach der Pflanzung"

Tafel 5 "Wohnung der Neger"

Tafel 6 "Zubereitung der Mendiocca=Wurzel"

Tafel 7 "Einsammeln des Caffe"

Tafel 8 "Zucker-Muehle"

Tafel 9 "Haeusliche Zuechtigung der Neger"






"Die Muenster am Oberrhein"

by Theodor Seeger and Walter Hotz. Published in Berlin 1941 by the Deutscher Kunstverlag.

63 pages of text and diagrams. 119 full-page photographs.

Interesting descriptions and history of the famous churches on the upper Rhine.

Includes the churches in Strassburg, Schlettstadt, Kolmar, Basel, Freiburg, Thann, Breisach and others of the region.

Very fine photos.

Book is in good condition with a few signs of age and use.

$ 35.00

Order Nr. BOOK243470

"Gari Gari"

"Leben und Abenteuer bei den Negern am Oberen Nil"

by Hugo Adolf Bernatzik. Published in Frankfurt am Main, 1951.

Book has 151 pages and 80 pages of photos. There is a page-size map of the region of Egypt and Sudan.

The book describes the historic journey with detailed observations of the people living in the region.
The photos are an excellent documentation of the people living along the Upper Nile.

Text pages have a very light age toning. Photo pages are in fine condition.

$ 9.00

Order Nr. BOOK243471

"Zwischen Nil unf Tigris"

"Nahost im Brennpunkt der Welt"

by Peter Coulmas. Published 1958 by Hoffmann & Campe Verlag in Hamburg.

The book has 221 pages with three maps. The book has many actual themes such as the unity
problems in the Arab world, the influence and problems of oil production, the spread of Islam in the world,
the challenges of Isreal, the political strategy of Europe, old and new civilization and much more.

Many full-page photographs of life in the region.

Book is in very good condition.

$ 14.00

Order Nr. BOOK243472


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