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"Cape Verd Islands"

Map of the archipelago, in the center of map as a whole, surrounded by larger views of the various islands.

Very pleasantly hand-colored steel engraving, done for the Admiralty Survey.

London & Edinbourgh, ca. 1850 Repaired tear in lower margin and into light yellow border.

13,7 x 23,3 cm (ca. 5.4 x 9.2")

$ 160.00


"Praya Bay, in the Island of St. Iago"

Hand-colored copper etching by Torry

Published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle. after Jean-Baptiste Nicolas.

London, 1782

18,3 x 22,3 cm (ca. 7.2 x 8.8")

$ 130.00


"Habit des Negres du Cap Verd"

Hand-colored copper etching by Chedel after the drawing by Cochin.

From a French travel book. Paris, ca. 1800

12 x 7 cm (ca. 4.7 x 2.8 ")

$ 70.00


"Aiguade de la Praya a Sant-Yago ( Isle du Cap Vert.)"

Water fountain on the island of Santiago.

Hand-colored steel engraving from: "Voyage fait par ordre du roi en 1768 et 1769"

Paris, ca. 1830

10,2 x 16 cm (ca. 4 x 6.3")

$ 90.00


Cape Verde Islands

"Leute von den Kapverden" ( People from the Cape Verde Islands"

Wood engraving published 1904. Reverse side is printed.

7.5 x 6 cm ( 2.9 x 2.3 ")

$ 30.00

Order Nr. CAPEVERDE248046

"Mittel - und Nord-Africa. Westl. Theil"

Steel engraving by F. von Stuelpnagel. Published 1871 by Stieler. Original outline hand coloring.

Detailed map with outline coloring showing the colonial possesions of various European countries at the time. On the far left are the Cape Verde Islands. At the bottom of the map is a diagram showing the mountain heights from Tripoli to the Tschad Lake from an exploration trip by E. Vogel in 1853. In the upper left is a height profil of the Sahara from Tripoli to Bagzen by the exploration trip of Richardson, Barth and Overweg.

Map is in good condition. Vertical centerfold.

32 x 38 cm ( 12.5 x 14.9 ")

$ 135.00

Order Nr. NORTHAFRICA237979

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