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"Hippocrate Prince des Medicins, natif de l'Isle de Cos en Grece, vivoit du temps d'Artaxerxes, il mourut aage de 104 ans"

Hippocrates, famous ancient Greek physician born on the Greek island of Kos (Cos), one of the Dodecanese Islands, name giver to the hippocratic oath.

Anonymous copper etching.

Very good condition. Some minimal creasing.

Published in Paris, ca. 1700

$ 160.00

Order Nr. MEDICINE241769

"Edouard Jenner Inventeur de la vaccine" (Edward Jenner 1749-1823)

Jenner is considered "the father of immunology".

Type of print: Lithograph

Lithographer: C. de Lasteyrie

Artist (drawing after): Pierre Roch Vigneron (1789-1872)

Published: In Revue Encyclopedique, Paris, dated 1824

Condition: Mounted on cardboard by collector. Underneith title: Edwd. Jenner in ink.

Possibly autograph. Some traces of age and use.

Full page: 17,8 x 10,5 cm (ca. 7 x 4.1"). Oval: 12,2 x 9,1 cm (ca. 4.8 x 3.6")

$ 70.00


"Michel Nostradamus Medicin et Astrologue Mort a Salon le 2 Jullet, 1566 age de plus de 62 ans"

Nostradamus or Michel de Nostradame (1503-1566), apothecary, seer and prophet, published a collection of world-famous prophecies

Anonymous copper etching. PUblished by Daumont. Paris, ca. 1750

Very nice condition. Minimal creasing. Low margin has repaired tears outside plate mark.

14,6 x 10 cm (ca. 5. x 3.9")

$ 150.00

Order Nr. MEDICINE241768

"Anoine Petit tres celebre MedecinÉ"

Marc Antoine Petit (1766-1811)

Petit was president of the "National Cociety of Medicine and the medical sciences in Lyon" and president of the "Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts in Lyon"

Type of print: Copper etching

Engraver after his own drawing: C. Macret

Published: Paris. Dated 1775

Condition: Very good. Reverse side has faint adhesive marks from mounting in the upper left and right corners.

Iamge including title: 20,3 x 14 cm (ca. 8 x 5.5")


"Johann Jacob Busch L.M. Privileg. Operator Chemicus und Feld Medicus"

Busch (1727-1786) was a famous Marbug (Germany) medical doctor specializing in Anatomy, Surgery, Physiology, Pathology, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology.

Type of print: Copper etching

Etcher: Elias Schaffhauser

Artist (Drawing): Georg Christoph Kilian (1709-1781)

Printer: Augsburg, ca. 1760

Condition: Trimmed to edge of portrait. Mounted on 18th century paper. Strong general age toning. Extreme upper right corner missing. Lower righ corner missing with some loss of print. Image is strongly printed.

27 x 18 cm (ca.10.5 x 7.01")

$ 60.00


"Georg Friede. Hildebrand D. der Arzneygelaehrtheit und Professor der Anatomie zu Braunschweig"

Hildebrand (1764-1816) was a famous German Anatomist, Chemist, Pharmacist

Type of print: Copper etching

Artist: Anonymous

Time printed: Ca. 1800

Condition: Mounted to cardboard by collector. Adhesive remnants on back side.

Traces of age and use. Stain above head. General age toning. Clipped to near border line.

16 x 9,5 cm (ca. 6.3 x 3.7")

$ 50.00


"Moses Charas Pharmacopoeus Regius"

Charas (1618-1698) was a famous French pharmacist

Type of print: Copper etching

Artist engraver: L'Anglois

Painter: Potier

Published: Paris, 1678

Condition: Trimmed to near print mark. Strong image!

Image: 19,5 x 15,7 cm (ca. 7.7 x 6.2")

$ 120.00


"Excmo. Sr. D. Jose Nunez y Pernia
marquez de Nunez, fundador de la Sociedad Hahnemanniana Matriense * en esta corte: el 10 de actual"

Wood engraving of the founder of the " Sociedad Hahnemanniana Matriense" published
November, 1879. On the reverse side is a commeneration at the death of Sr. Nunez.

20 x 15 cm ( 7.8 x 5.9 ")

$ 40.00


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