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Plate 6

"The Paarl"

Paarl is, after Cape Town, the largest Industry-town in South Africa. It was founded in 1690 about50 Km north-east of Cape Town. Around 1700 Hugenots, driven out of France, settled here and started, together with other French settlers, the famous South African wine growing industry. Today the KWV (Kooperatieve Wijnbouwers-Vereniging van Zuid-Afrika Beperkt) has its headquarters in Paar. Famous win yards

"Gnadendal, a Moravian Missionary Settlement in South Africa". Famous vineyards are Backsberg-Estate, Boland Kelder, Nederburg and Simonvlei for example. Next to the important wine industry the benign climate allows for growing fruit of most kind.

Toned lithograph and hand-colored, heightened with gum arabic

After the drawing by George French Angas (1822-1886)

Lithographer: Jonathan Needham.

Clean with some spotting and minimal traces of age and use.

Image size 25.4 x 35.4 cm (ca. 10 x 13.9")

Including margin: 36 x 47.5 cm (ca. 14.2 x 18.7")

$ 380.00 minus 40% = Net price: $ 228.00

Order Nr. ANGAS250634

Upper image; "Katakomben in Alexandrien"
Lower image: Untererdische Kammer bei den Pyramiden von Ghize"

Hand-colored copper engraving published 1807.

Included is a page of text in German and another in Italian about these archeological sites.

Fine coloring. Some signs age age and use in margins.

Image; 19.5 x 14.5 cm ( 7.6 x 5.7")

Price for the copper engraving and two extra text pages; $ 60.00 minus 40% Discount = Net Price: $ 36.00

Order Nr. ARCHEOLOGY253348

Switzerland, Schweiz, Suisse,

"Potentissimae Helvetiorum Republicae Cantones Tredecim cum Foedertis et Subjectis Provincii exhibitii"

Copper etching by Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724)

Original hand coloring

Published by Homann Heirs

Nuremberg, 1732 (dated)

Title cartouche has coats of arms of 13 Swiss cantons and coats of arms of 20 cities and towns.

Lower left corner with views of Alpine milk cattle and Alpine cheese manufacture.

Top margin narrow. Lower margin partial backed. Margins are bit soiled. Nice original hand color. Reverse side blank.

Image: 48 x 56 cm (ca 19 x 22.8")

$ 185.00 net price

Order Nr. SCHWEIZ256537

"Manière d'ensevelir les Rois, et prêtres de la Floride"

How a king of native Florida Americans is buried

31,2 x 21 cm (ca. 12.3 x 8.3")


Upper image: "Sacrifice que les Floridians font au soleil, de leurs premiers nez"

How native Floridians celebrate a sacrifice to the Sun God

14,5 x 20 cm (ca. 5.7 x 7.9")

Lower image: "Ofrande que les Floridiens sont d'un Cerf au Soleil""

Native Floridians offer a deer as a sacrifice to the Sun

14,5 x 20 cm (ca. 5.7 x 7.9")

3 Copper etchings on 2 pages (see scans) by Bernard Picart (1673-1733)

with excellent hand coloring

Published in "Ceremonies et costumes des peuple idolatres..."

Engraver was also author of this publication.

Amsterdam, 1723

These engravings, with their outstanding hand coloring, give us an idea of religious customs as they were practiced by Native Americans of Florida, USA

Condition: Very Good.

Set of 2 pages with three images: $ 130.00 NET SALE PRICE


Set of four Stages of Cruelty, Sadism, Hogarth

William Hogarth was an English artist. In his paintings and drawings he bluntly, brutally and pitiless

pointed out the shortcomings of British society of his time as he saw them. His work was reflecting his style of satire and social critic - very blunt. Hogarth was one of the most significant English artists of his time.

Set of four prints. Copper etchings by Thomas Cook (ca. 1744-1818).

After the drawing by William Hogarth (1697-1764)

The "Cook edition" was a copy of Hogarth's own first edition. Cook engraved Hogarth's entire edition in the years 1795-1803. All four prints of this set are dated 1799. Cook's edition was published in London, 1806

"First Stage of Cruelty" - Cruelty against animals

Text below image:

While various Scenes of sportive Woe

The Infant Race employ

And tortur'd Victims bleeding shew

The Tyrant in the Boy

Behold! A Youth of gentler Heart

To spare the Creature's pain

O' take, he cries - take all my Tart,

But Tears and Tart are vain

Lear from this fair Example - You

Whom savage Sports delight,

How Cruelty disgusts the view

While Pity charms the sight

Plate mark measurements. Image: Ca. 40 x 33 cm (ca. 15.7 x 13")

Sheet: 56 x 43 cm (ca. 22 x 17")


"Second Stage of Cruelty" - Cruelty against animals

Text below image:

The generous Steed in hoary Age

Subdu'd by Labour lies

And mourns a cruel Master's rage

While Nature Strength denies

The tender Lamb o'drove and faint

Amidst expiring Throws;

Bleats forth it's innocent complaint

And dies beneath the Blows.

Inhuman Wretch! say whence proceeds

This coward Cruelty

What Interest springs from barb'rous deeds?

What Joy from Misery

Plate mark measurements. Image: Ca. 40 x 33 cm (ca. 15.7 x 13")

Sheet: 56 x 43 cm (ca. 22 x 17")


"Cruelty in Perfection" - Cut throat murder of a lady

Text below image:

To lawless Love when once betray'd

Soon Crime to Crime succeeds:

At length beguil'ed to Theft, the Maid

By her Beguiler bleeds

Yet learn, Seducing Man! nor Night

With all its sable Cloud

Can screen the guilty Deed from sight

Foul Murder cries aloud

The gaping Wounds and blood stain'd steel

Now shock his trembling Soul:

But Oh! what Pangs his Breast must feel,

When Death his Knell shall toll.

Plate mark measurements. Image: Ca. 40 x 33 cm (ca. 15.7 x 13")

Sheet: 56 x 43 cm (ca. 22 x 17")


"The Reward of Cruelty"

Text below image:

Behold the Villain's dire disgrace!

Not Death itself can end

He finds no peaceful Burial-Place,

His breathless Corse, no friend

Torn from the Root, that wicked Tongue,

Which daily swore and cursed!

These Eyeballs from their Sockets wrung,

That glow'd with loveless Lust!

His Heart expos'd to prying Eyes,

To Pity has no Claim;

But, dreadful! from his Bones shall rise,

His Monument of Shame

Plate mark measurements. Image: Ca. 40 x 33 cm (ca. 15.7 x 13")

Sheet: 56 x 38,5 cm (ca. 22.4 x 15.2")

Stage 4: Please note the sheet sieze difference compared with the other three prints of the set!


Condition: All four prints have ever so slightly general age toning. Minimal traces of age and use in margins. Stage 4: There is a small green ink spot in upper margin, just about an inch away from upper plate mark.

Stage 4: Please note the sheet sieze difference compared with the other three prints of the set!

This set belongs and sells together.

Net price for the set: $ 640.00

Order Nr.HOGARTH256540



"Morning", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 41 cm (ca. 19.5 x 16")

"Noon", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 40 x(ca. 19.5 x 15.7")

"Evening", dated 1797 - 49,5 x 40 cm (ca. 19.5 x 15.7")

"Night", dated 1798 - 50 x 39,5 cm (ca. 19.7 x 15.5")

Four times of day.

Copper etchings by Thomas Cook (1744-1818) after William Hogarth (1697-1764)

Published ny G.G. & J. Robinson. London, 1802

The last of the foursome: ăNight" shows a man with insignia of Freemasonry: Masonic Apron and square. A hand with a chamber pot pours its content upon this man. Hogarths drastic way of expressing the mood against the newly founded Freemasonry in England at his time.

Some traces of age and use. But basically in better than good condition

The plates differ slightly in size. See above. Measures within plate marks.

This set belongs and sells together.

Net price for the quartet: $ 492.00

Order Nr. FREEMASONRY248637












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