Bits and pieces of "Botany"

The individual parts of flowers and plants strewn loosely over a page in a very decorative manner.

Copper etchings in very attractive recent hand coloring.

Most were drawn by Syd Edwards.

Published from 1803-1818 by Longman Hurst Rees Orme & Brown in London.

Each print is dated. All are patinized by general toning. Some minor spotting hardly visible.
Left margins on some of the prints trimmed.

Page size: Ca. 27.1 x 20.5 cm (10.6 x 8.1 ")

Ordering and Payment

This page is titled "Trees and Shrubs" with the two classes titled "Rosaceous" and "Papillonaceous".

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6707

This page is titled "Orders" and shows examples of thirteen orders of plants.

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6708

This page shows four classes of plants: "Apetalous Seminiferous, Apetalous Without Apparent Fruit, Trees and Shrubs Apetalous and Amentaceous".

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6709

The upper part of this print is titled " Bell Shaped" and shows blooms such as campanula, morning glory and a cucumber blossom. The bottom is titeled "Funnel Shaped".

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6701

The top part of this page is titled " Funnel Shaped Continued", the middle section; "Personate" and the lower section "Labiate".

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6702

This plate is titled: " Vegetable Anatomy. Branches, Buds,Bulbs".

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6703

The upper part of this print is titled: Cruciform", the bottom "Rosaceous".

$ 120.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6704

This page is titled "Orders" and shows 12 examples of different orders of plants.

$ 80.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6705

This page shows three classes of flowers: "Umbellate, Carophyllous", and "Liliaceous".

$ 90.00

Order Nr. BOTANY6706

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