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The "Naturalist Atlas" by Georg August Goldfuss(Bayreuth 1782 - 1848 Bonn). This extra large-size collection of lithographs of spectacular modern coloring depicting animals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. published in Duesseldorf, at Arnz from 1824 -1842, was issued over this long period of time inserial parts of twenty prints each per annum. There are no officially bound copies. And, as always when so much time passes, few copies will have been completed with all 454 prints. Subscribers may have died, lost interest, run out of money or may have had any other reason to discontinue collecting this work. And loose pages, especially when so large, have a tendency to get in the way or create problems of storage. Many have been folded to handy size, rolled up or simply lost. This makes these decorative oversize prints rare and sought. Here is an exerpt of our stock. Please ask us if you are looking for special animals.

Prints have watermark: J. Waterman. The prints are more beautiful than the photos and scans below.

Our prints are in very nice condition. However they show some signs of age, such as general age toning, a few non-disturbing wrinkles, some minor spotting or other little blemishes. A few have small repaired tears in margins. Any major flaw will be individually mentioned.

Size of page: ca 45.5 x 58 cm ( 17.9 x 23 " )

Goldfuss Bird Prints

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Antilope - Antilope Bubalis - Die Kuh-Antilope (Red Hartebeast)

Scattered small, light spotting. Small water stain in lower right corner.

Underneath title: one foot for measurement.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS240925

Antilope. Antilope Corinna - die Gazelle - (gazelle)

Underneath title measurement of 1 inch given

Scattered small, light spotting.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS240924

Antilope - Antilope Rupricapra - Die Gemse (Chamois)

1/3 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6607

Bos - Bos Bubalus - der (Wasser)Büffel (buffalo).

Same as above but with different coloring.

Underneath title measurement of one foot given.
Some light water-staining on right and lower margin edges.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS240926

 Gatt. bos. 1. Bos urus, ( Buffalo, Buffel, Buffle )

 Gatt. bos. 1. Bos urus, ( Buffalo, Buffel, Buffle )

"Gatt. Bos. Bos Urus"

Bison - Buffalo - Bueffel - Buffle

Lithograph. Beautiful hand coloring. Watermark: J. Whatman

Georg August Goldfuss (Bayreuth 1782 - 1848 Bonn) signs responsible for this impressive large folio size buffalo. It was published in his "Naturalist Atlas" containing these large folio depictions of animals, birds, reptiles, fish. The monumental work was published in installments of 20 lithographs per annum. So it lasted from 1824 to 1842 until all 454 prints were out.

Print has light overall age toning and some very light spotting in margins.

Very few and only minor traces of age and use.

A superb and very impressive lithograph!

45 x 57 cm (ca. 17.7 x 22.4")

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS 6583 SOLD

Bos - Bos Bubalus - der (Wasser)Büffel (buffalo)

Underneath title measurement of one foot given.
Small repair in image.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6636

Bos - Bos taurus indicus - der Zebu

UnerneAth title measurement of one foot given.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6606

Gatt. Auchenia. . Auchenia Glama, Llama

Underneath title measurement of one foot given

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6585

Antilope - Antilope Gnu - das Gnu (Gnu)

Underneith measurement of one foot given.
Small repaired tear on lower margin edge.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6603

Tapirus - Tapirus Americanus - das amerikanische Tapir (American Tapir)

Underneath title measurement of one foot given

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6602

Felis - Felis Onca - der Jaguar (Jaguar)

1/3 natural size. In the upper right are the animalæs teeth.

Repaired tear (2 1/2") at bottom near title.


Sus - Sus torquatus - das Pecari (peccary)

1/2 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6605

Dipus - Dipus decumanus - der uralische Springer (Springmaus) - (Jerboa)

Natural size.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6597

Viverra - Viverra Civetta - asiatische Zibetkatze - (Zivet- or Musc cat)

3/8 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6596

Arctomys - Arctomys Marmotta - Murmeltier (Marmot)

4/5 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6637

Castor - Castor Fiber - der Biber - (Beaver)

1/2 natural size

Small repairs on left and right margin edges and in lower margin.
Hardly visible vertical fold.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6638

Arctomys - Arctomys Bobac - der Bobak - (Bobak marmot)

4/5 natural size

Repair on upper margin. Small, repaired tears on lower margin edge.
Three tiny, hardly visible repairs in image.

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6639

Herpestes pharaonis ăDer aegyptische Mungo"

$ 650.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6610

Viverra genetta ăDie Genette"

$ 650.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6609

Various Fish.

ă(Syngnatus) Papacinus, Acus, Hippocampus, (Solenostomus) Paradoxus, (Pegasus) Drconis, (Polyodon) Folium, (Accipenser) Huso, Sturio"

The print has some minor thin spots in the paper that are only visible when held against light. .

$ 570.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS 6642

Mustela Foina ăDer Steinmarder"

$ 650.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6608

Kap Klippenschlager

"2 C. Gatt. Hayrax"
"H. capensis, Herm."
(Kap Klippenschlager)
South Africa.

Lenghth of animal: 33cm (12.9 ")
Page size: 34.7 x 45.5 cm ( 13.6 x 17.9 ")

$ 240.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS65889

Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros fumaltrensis - Das sumatraische Nashorn (Rhino of Sumatra)

Underneath title measurement of one foot given.
Light smudging and creasing in upper left margin corner. Tiny repaired tears on right margin edge.

$ 1400.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6599

Ord. VII Neuropotera - Netzflügler (Lacewings)

A few scattered light spots. Tiny repaired tears margin edges.

$ 900.00


Ord VI Orthoptera Geradflügler (Heuschrecke) -(grasshopper>)


Ord. VIII Lepidotera
Fam. I - VIII

Phaloenites, Sphongides, Noctucelites, Papilionides, Pyralites, Tinoeites, Zyganides, Bombycites.

Interesting details of several families of butterflies and moths. Good Condition.

Page size:45.5 x 58 cm ( 17.9 x 22.8 ")

$ 150.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS234882

Elephas - Dentes molares superiores ...(Molars of Indian and African elephants)

Natural size

This print is not hand-colored.

$ 300.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6598

Phoca - Phoca vitulina - der Seehund - (Seal)

1/3 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6634

Trichechus - Trichechus Rosmarus - das Wallross (walrus)

1/10 natural size

$ 800.00

Order Nr. GOLDFUSS6633

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