Botanical Prints from "The Botanical Register".

The other day we had a chance to select from a collection these fine flower copper etching prints which stem from Sydenham Edwards' "The Botanical Register" which comprises a total of 2719 flower prints published in 33 volumes!!! published in London between 1815 and 1847. These hand-picked prints are very clean and highly decorative. Their original hand-coloring is true to nature and very handsome! Each one is accompanied by the text to the flower on a separate sheet. A joy to the eye.

Each page is dated.

Page size: 23.5 x 14.5 cm ( 9.2 x 5.7 ")
In the lower part of the page are double-paged prints.

Prints are very clean and in good condition unless otherwise mentioned.

Ordering and Payment


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Melastoma malabathrica
Cinnamon.leaved Melastoma
or Black-Strawberry-Tree

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5215

Passiflora picturata
Newmann's Passionflower

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5216

Polygala ligularis
Strap-leaved Milk-wort

Light imprint from previous page
on extra text page.

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5219

Broad-leaved Cape-Milkwort.

Very light imprint on both pages from
previous page-

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5220

Psidium polycarpon
Guava of Trinidad

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5203

Hypoxis Stellipilis
Starry-furred Hypoxis

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDW5ARDS204

Acacia diffusa
Straggling-branched Acacia

Light imprint fom previous page.

$ 55.00


Caladium odorum
Apple-scented Caladium



Order Nr. EDWARDS5226 SOLD

Camellia japonica o involuta
Lady Long's Camellia

$ 100.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5236

Argyreia cuneata
Argyreia of the Mysore

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS 5214SOLD


Geodorum dilatatum
Shovel-lip'd Geodorum

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5217

Polygala myrtifolia
Myrtle-leaved Cape-Milkwort
Light imprint visible from previous page.

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5218

Chlidanthus fragrans
Perfumed Chlidanthus

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5238

Campanula glomerata ß dahurica
The cluster Bell-flower of Dauria

$ 85.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5234 SOLD


Ipomoea pendula
Pendulous Ipomoea

$ 65.00


Ipomoea Jalapa; ß rosea
Mexican or true Jalap

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS 5235SOLD

Begonia argvyrostigma
Silver-spotted Begonia

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5201

Brachysema undulatum
Wavy-leaved Brachysema..

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5223

Stenochilus maculatus
Spotted-flowered Stenochilus

Light Imprint from previous page.

$ 55.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5224

Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
Thyrseflowered Dichorisandra

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5211

Justicia gendarussa
Willow-leaved Justicia

$ 65.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5233

Arbutus hybrida
Mule Strawberry-tree.
Light print visible from previous page.

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDW5206


Salvia splendens.
Lee's Scarlet Sage

Noticeable imprint from previous page.
Text page is spotted.

$ 75.00

Order Nr. EDW5212

The following prints are double page. Each has a vertical centerfold.

Page size: 24 x 27.5 cm (9.4 x 10.8 ")


Paeonia mollis
Downy-leaved Paeony


Plumeria bicolor
Bicolor Plumeria

$ 140.00


Burchellia capensis
Cape Burchellia


Order Nr. EDWARDS5240

Primula praenitens
Chinese Primrose

$ 120.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5239

"Amaryllis acuminata"
Buenos Aires Amaryllis

$ 150.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5230

"Amaryllis equestris"
Large Star-flowed Amaryllis.

$ 150.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5229


"Gloxinia speciosa"
Rough-leaved Brasil Gloxinia

$ 120.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5228 SOLD

"Gossypium barbadense"
Barbados Cotton-Tree

$ 120.00

Order Nr. EDWARDS5232


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