Enjoy Viewing Our Botanical Prints

Arena - Exquiste blooms published in Sicily, 1768.

Besler - From " Hortus Eystettensis"(The Garden of Eichstaedt), 1613.

Bits and pieces of "Botany" The individual parts of flowers and plants strewn loosely over a page in a very decorative manner.

Bonelli - Antique Botanicals from "Hortus Romanus" by Georgio Bonelli

Bouquets - Decorative floral bouquets to enhance your home.

Cactus Prints

Citrus Prints by Risso From "Histoire Naturelle des Orangers" after Poiteau.

Curtis - Antique Botanical Prints from the "Botanical Magazine" by William Curtis.

DeBry - From the famous "Florilegium Novum", a comprehensive flower book first published between 1612 and 1618

Edwards - Decorative prints of many familiar and exotic plants from "The Botanical Register" by Sydenham Edwards.

Farming and Agriculture - View these historical and documentary prints

Flowers (especially orchids),Butterflies and Moths

Antique Fruit Prints by Alexandre Bivort and Séraph Bavay. Lithographs from "Album of Pomologie", Brussels, 1847-1850.

Fruits -Decorative fruit prints.

Gardening and Horticulture - Growing, Planting and Harvesting

Gerard - Antique woodcuts by John Gerard from his "Herball" published in 1597.

Green - Fine hand-colored botanical prints from "The Universal Herbal" by Thomas Green, 1816-1820.

Hartinger Flowers - Rare lithographs by Anton Hartinger from "Paradisus Vindobonensis"
(Viennese Paradise). Important Filiacae, Amaryllidae and other flowers

 Hartinger Orchids - Exquisite lithographs of Orchids by Anton Hartinger"Paradisus Vindobonensis" (Viennese Paradise)

John Hill - Prints from "The Garden of Eden".

L'Admiral - This work is generally considered as being of very high entomological and botanical quality. RARE, BEAUTIFUL and DECORATIVE!

Le Verger - Fine Pomological Lithographs from "La Verger" by G. Masson.

Lithographs of Various Common Flowers from 1854 - various flowers such as amaryllis, fuchsias, petunias, zinnias and azaleas from a German botanical.

Loudon - Lithographs by Jane Webb Loudon, published by Day and Haghe, London, 1840-1844

Matthaeus Merian - Botanical gems from "Die Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft", published in Frankfurt on the Main in 1646

Maria Sibylla Merian - Engravings are from her "European insects" and "Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium"

Medicinal Plants - Botanical prints by Pierre Jean FrançoiseTurpin.

du Monceau, Henri Louis Duhamel : Traité des arbres fruitiers. Exquisite fruit prints engraved by Bouquet after Poiteau.

Abraham Munting, 1596.

Mushroom Prints

Nees von Esenbeck-Sinning - Fine botanical lithographs from "Sammlung Schoenbluehender Gewaechse....des Kgl. Botanischen Gartens zu Bonn......" by Nees von Esenbeck, Theodor Friedrich Ludwig & Sinning, Wilhelm.

Paxton's Flowering Plants Orchids and other well-known prints by Paxton.

Redouté - Exquisite rose prints from Redouté's octavo editions between 1828 and 1837

Redouté Varia - Various prints by Redouté

Regnault - Prints by N. Regnault published in Paris, 1774 - 1780 as "La Botanique....."

Schmidt Botanicals -Lithographs by C.F. Schmidt ca 1860.

"Transactions of the Royal Horticultural Society of London". Highly decorative prints by famous botanical artists, ca 1820.

Tree Prints - Wood engravings of trees such as Sophora, Sequoia, Elm and others.

Tropical Plants Plants Used for Food and Medicine

Various Botanicals - A selection of decorative botanical prints by various artists.

Vegetables - A selection of historical vegetable prints.

Volckamer (also Volkamer)-Nuremberg and Veronese Hesperides; 1708-1714 by Johann Volckamer. Extraordinarily decorative prints of citrus fruits.

Weinmann - The plates are copper etchings, printed in basic color and hand-finished. The plants shown come from all over the world.


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