Decorative Botanicals by N. Regnault

Browsing the world in search of rare as well as decorative antique prints, prints one does not see every day, prints which are not to be found easily in most antique print shops, we came upon this very delightful, highly decorative and botanically as well as medicinally interesting collection of original color-printed and hand-finished-colored copper etchings of plants and their descriptions of use in medicine and cuisine, stemming from a rare French herbal written by Nicolas Francois Regnault after the drawings by Geneviève de Nangis-Regnault, published in Paris, 1774 - 1780 as "La Botanique..."

We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy the delicacy of design. Have a look at the one - of four - title pages which we were able to secure. And then go on to the finely etched plants. You will certainly notice that you have probably not seen much alike. So we are happy to present a fine selection of this famous collection.

Prints have hand-written numbers in lower margin.
Most prints have a separate page of text ( in French ).

Page size: 48.5 x 33 cm (19 x 12.9 ") vertical pages
Page size: 33 x 48.5 cm ( 12.9 x 19 ") horizontal pages
Average height of plants: 32 cm (12.6 ")

Margins are much wider than shown.
Pages are very clean. Only a few pages have very miniscule, scattered spotting.
Special faults are mentioned. The names are older and not the current ones you may know.
The page numbers are written in ink by fine hand at the bottom of the pages.

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"Le Pie de Veau"

Arum Maculatum

Ital. Aro Allem. Aron Wurz

$ 190.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT250347


Betula alnus

Ital. Alno, Angl Alder Tree, Allem Erlen baum

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT251348

Bourrache, Borragine, Borraia, Borage

"La Bourrache"

Borago Officialis. Linn.

Ital. Borragine. Esp. Borraia. Angl. Borage. Allem. Borragen

$ 160.00

Order Nr REGNAULT241117

Lino, Flax, Flachs

"Le Lin commun"

Linum usitatissimum. Linn.

Ital. Lino domestico Esp. Lino Angl. Flax, Flas Allem. Flachs

$ 160.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT241116

Sambucus, Sambuco, Dwarf elder, Niederholder

" l Yeble."
"Sambucus ebulus"

Ital. Sambuco minore. Angl. Danewort Dwarf elder. Allem. Niederholder.

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236151

"La Pomme Epineuse"

Lat. Stramonium Angl. Thorn-apple. Ital. Stramonis Allem. Dorrenopfel

$ 240.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236132

"La Belladone"

Lat. Ital. Esp. Angl. Belladona Allem. Dollkraut

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236130

"La Raiponce"
Campanula Rapunculus

Ital. Raponzolo Angl. Bellflour Rampions Allem. Rapusseln

$ 240.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236131


"La Paquette"
"Bellis Perennis L. S. P. "

"Ital. "Belide, margheritina, Angl. Common daisy Allem. Map lieben"

Includes an extra page of text.

$ 240.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT249821

La Nummulaire ou l'Herbe aux Ecus

Lysimachia Nummularia Linn

Ital. Nummularia. Angl. Money-Wort. Allem. Ggelkraut

In the lower left is a light spot. A few fine creases in lower margin.

Order Nr. REGNAULT247312SOLD

"La Violette de Mars"

Viola odorata Linn.

Ital. Viola mammula Esp. Violetta. Angl. Violet Allem. Biolen

Order Nr. Regnault247311 SOLD

L Langue de Cerf ou Scolopendre

Asplenium Scolopendrium Linn

Ital. Scolopendria Angl. Harts-tongue Allem. Hirsch-zunge

Extra page of text.

Order Nr. REGNAULT247310SOLD

L argentine

Potentilla Anerina L. S. P.

Ital. Argentina, angl. Silver Weed Allem. Silber-kraut

Extra page of text.

$ 150.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT247309

Le Lupin

Lupinus albus.

Ital. Lupino Angl. Lupine Allem. Feig-Bohnen, Lupinen

Extra page of text.

$ 170.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT241423

Le Cabaret ou Oreille d'Homme.
Asarum Europeaum

Ital. Asaro Baccharo Esp. Asara Baccara Ang. Azara Baccara Allem. Hasel-wurtz

Small spot under the the plant. Minor spotting.



Mimosa nilotica

Extra page of text.

Order Nr. REGNAULT241422SOLD

"Le Romarin

Rosmarinus officialis

Ital. Rosmarino Angl. Rosemary Allem Rosmaris

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT241427


"Le Myrthe ou Meurte"

Myrtus Communis

Itl. Mirte Mortella Angl. Common Myrtle Allem Myrten Baum

Very small piece of lower right corner is missing. Small repair on lower margin edge.

Extra page of text included.

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT249822

La Luzerne

Medicago Saliva

Ital. Medica ou Lucciola

Extra page of text.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT241424

"La Quinte feuille

Potentilla Reptans

Ital. Cinque Foglio Esp. Cinco en Rama Angl. Cinque Folie Allem. Funff-Finger Kraut

Extra page of text.

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT241425



Arnica montana


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6494

Cork Tree

Le Liege
Quercus Suber.

Ital. Suvero ou Subro. Angl. Cork-tree. Allem. Kergbaum.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6479


Le Terebinthe
Pistacia terebinthus.

Ital. Terebinto. Angl. Turpentine-tree. Allem. Terpentin-baum.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6480

Berce, Cow parsnip

"La Berce"
"Heracleum Sphondylium"

Angl. Cow-parsnip.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236147

Pavot Cornu, Papavero Cornuto, Dormidera Marina, Horned Poppy, Mohn

Le Pavot Cornu
Chelidonium Glancium

Ital. Papavero Cornuto, Esp. Dormidera Marina, Angl. Horned-Poppy, Allem. Geharnter-Mohn

$ 170.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6455

Portulacca, Pourpier, Purslana, Porcellana

Le Pourpier

Portulacca Oleracca

Ital. Porcellana, Angl. Purslana, Alem. Burzel - Kraut

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6438

Linden Tree, Tiglio, Tejo, Tilleul

Le Tilleul
Tilia Europea

Ital. Tiglio, Esp. Tejo, Angl. Linder-tree, Allem. Linden baum

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6437

Carline, Chameleone, Cardo, Vuietz

La Carline ou le Cameleon Blanc

Carlina Acaulis

Ital. Chameleone Bianco. Esp. Cardo pinto. Angl. Carline thistle. Allem. Vuietz


Pin, Pine, Berg-Zirbel, Pino

Le Pin

Pinus Pinea
Ital. Pino. Angl. Mountain Pine. Allem. Berg-Zirbel Baum


Picea, Pezzo picaea, Silver Fir, Rotthannenbaum

Le Picea ou Sapin mâle
Pinus Abies
Ital. Pezzo Picea. Esp. Pino. Ang. Silver-Firr. Allem. Rotthannenbaum.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6448

Orange, Arancio, Pommeranzen Baum, Citru aurantium

Citrus aurantium.
Ital. Arancio, Melarancio, Esp. Noronio, Angl. Orange tree, Allem. Pommeranzen Baum.

$ 320.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6450


Le Tabac, ou Nicotiane

Lat. Nicotiana Angl. Snuff. Allem. Tabake Ital. Tabaco

$ 180.00


Prune, Prunus domestica, Prugno Susino, Pflaumen

Le Prunier Petit Damas noir
Prunus domestica
Ital. Prugno Susino. Angl. Plum-tree. Allem. Pflaumen-Baum Questschen-Baum
Two small spots in lower right area.


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6415


Le Coton
Gossipium herbaceum.

$ 220.00


Walnut, Noyer, Juglans Regia, Nueres

Le Noyer
Juglans Regia
Ital. Nuci. Esp. Nueres. Angl. Walnut-tree. Allem. Nux Welnuz


Sebastier, Cordia sebastena, Sebesto

Le Sebastier
Cordia Sebestena
Ital. Sebesto, Susina d'India

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6411

Fiora del Sole, Cistus Helianthemum

l'Heliantême, Fleur du Soleil ou Hyssope des gargigues.
Cistus Helianthemum
Ital. Fiora del Sole. Allem. Heyden -ysop


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6416


"Le Fenouil Cominum". (Anethum Foeniculum. E: Indian fennel. G: Fenchel. No text)

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT235503

Le Safran des Indes, la terre-merite ou Le Souchet des Indes (Curcuma longa. E: Tumeric . G: incl. text)

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT235502


Olea Europea

Ital. Ulivo, Angl. Olive-tree, Allem. Oliven Baum

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT6530

l'Origan Sauvage

Lat. Origanum Angl. Wild Majoram, Ital. Origano, Allem. Dorten

Very light spotting on lower margin edge. Small crease in lower margin.

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6429


Le Pecher

Amygdalus Persica

Ital. Persico, Esp. Pexegos, Angl. Peach Tree, Allem. Pfersich baum

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT6511


Le Laurier Rose

Neriom Oleander

Ital. Nerio Oleandro, Esp. Adelfa eloendro, Angl. Rose-laurel, Allem. Oleanderboom

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6512


La Grande Joubarbe
Sempervivum tectorum
Ital. Semperviva maggiore, Angl. Great house-leek, Allem. Grosse hous-wurzel.

$ 130.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6446


Le Grand Plantain ou Plantain à Bouquet
Plantage Major

Ital. Piantaggine. Angl. Broad-leaved plantain. Allem. Wegrich.

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6473 SOLD

La Saponaire

Lat. Ital. Saponaria, Angl. Soap Wort Allem Senffenkraut


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6491

Fig Tree

Le Figuier

Ficus Carica

Ital. Fico, Esp. higuera, Angl. fig-tree, Allem. Feigen-Baum

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6493 SOLD

Night Shade

La Morelle a Fruit Noir

Lat. Solanun Officinarum, Ital. Salatro, Esp. Yerva Mora,
Angl. Night.Shchade. Allem. Rachtschatten

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6439

L'Eglantier ou Le Rosier Sauvage

Rosa canina

Ital. Rosa canina. Angl. A Rose Wild

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6452

Night Shade

La Morelle a Fruit Noir

Lat. Solanun Officinarum, Ital. Salatro, Esp. Yerva Mora,
Angl. Night.Shchade. Allem. Rachtschatten

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6439

La grande Genetiane

Genitiana Lutea

Ital. Gentiana. Esp. Gentiana. Angl. Gentiau. Allem. Gentzian

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6453


Le guy de Chêne mâle et Femelle
Viscum album
Ital. Vischio. Esp. Visco. Allem. Eichen mistel.

$ 140.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6424


Le Navet
Brassica Napus
Ital. Napa. Angl. Turnep. Allem. Steck rube.

$ 150.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6425

Le Lye
Lilium Candidum
Ital. Giglio. Esp. Azuecena Angl. White Lily Allem. Geth-lilien

$ 420.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6436

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