Decorative Botanicals by N. Regnault

Browsing the world in search of rare as well as decorative antique prints, prints one does not see every day, prints which are not to be found easily in most antique print shops, we came upon this very delightful, highly decorative and botanically as well as medicinally interesting collection of original color-printed and hand-finished-colored copper etchings of plants and their descriptions of use in medicine and cuisine, stemming from a rare French herbal written by Nicolas Francois Regnault after the drawings by Geneviève de Nangis-Regnault, published in Paris, 1774 - 1780 as "La Botanique..."

We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy the delicacy of design. Have a look at the one - of four - title pages which we were able to secure. And then go on to the finely etched plants. You will certainly notice that you have probably not seen much alike. So we are happy to present a fine selection of this famous collection.

Prints have hand-written numbers in lower margin.
Most prints have a separate page of text.

Page size: 48.5 x 33 cm (19 x 12.9 ")
Average height of plants: 32 cm (12.6 ")

Margins are much wider than shown.
Pages are very clean. Only a few pages have very miniscule, scattered spotting.
Special faults are mentioned. The names are older and not the current ones you may know.

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Amygdalus Communis
Ital. Mandolo. Angl. Almond tree. Allem. Mandel Baum


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6410

"La Pomme de Merveile"

Momordica Balsamina

Ital. Viticella pomoigierusalem Allem. Balsam Kraut

A tiny piece of the lower right corner is missing.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT250349

"Le Cresson de Fontaine"

Sisymbrium Sylvestre

Ital. Cressione, Esp. Berros et agriois, Allem. Wasser Kresse

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT250353

Tacahamal tree

"Le Tacamahaca"

Populus Balsamifera

Ital. Balsamino. Angl. Tacahamal tree.

Extra page of text included.

$ 240.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT249823

Dianthus Caryophyllus. a. Caronarius.
Ital. Garofano. Angl. Cloves. Allem. Noeglein. (Nelken)


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6462

Le Fenouil de porc

Peucedanum officiale.
Ital. Fincchio porcino. Angl. Hogs-fennel. Allem. Haar-Strang


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6463

Le Genevrier

Juniperus communis.
Ital. Ginepro. Angl. Juniper tree. Allem. Wachholder-baum.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6465

Le Prunelier

Prunus Spinosa.
Ital. Prugnolo. Angl. Sloe-tree. Allem. Schlelren-busch.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6466

Cashew Nut

Anacardium occidental
(Cashew Nut)


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6407


Le Pistachier
Pistacia vera
Ital. Pistachi. Esp. Althocigo. Allem. Vuelsch Pimpernusshaum

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6408 SOLD


Le Marronier d'Inde

Aesculus hippocastanum. (Chestnut)

A few miniscule scattered spots.


Le Rhubarbe
Rheum Rhabarbarum

Angl. Rhubarbe, Allem. Rabarber

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6519


Le Chataignier
Fagus Castanea
Castagno Esp. Marones. Ang. The wood chesnut tree. Allem. Kestembaum.


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6409

Water Chesnut

Le Mâcre ou Chattaîgne d'Eau.
Trapa natans.



Le Mouron mâle et femelle
Lat. Anagallis. Ital. Anagallide. Esp. Muruges. Angl. Pimpernell. Allem. Gauchheyl.


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6418

Acantus Baerenklau

"L'Acante ou la Brancursine"

Acanthus Mollis

Ital. Acanto, Brancorsina, Angl. Brank ursine Allem Baerenklau

Extra page of text included.

$ 260.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT249824

"Le Cassis ou Groseriller a Fruit noir"
Ribes Nigrum

Angl. Black-Currant Allem. Johannis-beer-Strauch-mit Schwartzen trauben.

$ 260.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236137

"Le Lierre"
hedra helix

Ital. Edera Esp. ira. Allem Epheuu Angl. Ivy

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236135

"Le Coqueret ou Alkekenge"
Phisalis Alkekengi

Ital. Alcachengio Angl. Winter-cherry Allem. Iudenkirschen-kraut

$ 240.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236134

"La Vigne"
Vitis Vinifera

Ital. Vite Vinifera Angl. Vine Allem. Lynen ou Waldreben

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 236136

"La Buglose vivace"
Anchusa Officialis

Ital. Buglossa Angl. Buglosse Allem. Ochsenzunge

Very light crease in lower left corner.

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT236133


Le Chevrefeuille
Lonicera Perichymenium.

Ital. Caprifolio. Angl. honey-Suckle, Wood-Bind. Allem. Vualgilgen.

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6474 SOLD

Wild Orchid

Le Satyrion
Orchis Maculata

Ital. Satirio. Angl. Satyrion. Allem. Vueiblein.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6475

Hemp - Cannabis

L'eupatoire Davicenne

Eupatorium Cannabinum

Ital. Luptoris, Angl. Hemp- Agrimony, Allem. Hanf-Odermennig

$ 280.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6504

Hemp  - Cannabis

Le Chanvre mâle et le Chanvre femmelle.
Cannabis Sativa.

Ital. Canape. Esp. Canambo. Angl. hemp. Allem. Zanterhanff.

$ 280.00


Le Petit Liseron
Convolvultus urvensis.
Ital. Vilnochio minore, Esp. Yedra campana, Angl. Bind-weed, Allem. Winde-oder


Order Nr. REGNAULT 6482

La grande Cigue
Conium Maculatum
Ital. Cicuta maggiore. Angl. Hemlock, Allem. Schirling

$ 180.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6483

La Bistorte
Polygonum Bistorta
Ital. Bistorta, Angl. Bistort, Allem. Rothe Natter Wurz

$ 180.00

Order Nr.REGNAULT6484

Le Mille-Pertius
Hypericum Perforatum
Ital. Herba Rossa, Esp. Coraioncillo, Angl. St. John'swort, Allem. St. Johannes Kraut.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6485

La Grande Consoude
Symphitum Officiale
Ital. Consolida Maggiore, Esp. Suelda Majore. Angl. Confrey Wall wurts.
Repaired tear in lower right margin.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6487

Holly Hocks

La Rose Tremiere ou Doutremer

Alcea Rosea

llam. Stock Rosen, Allem. Pappel oder Angl. holly hocks.


Order Nr. REGNAULT6508


Le Cyclamen ou Pain de Pourceau

Cyclamen European

Ital. Pane Porcino, Esp. Pan de Puerco, Angl. Sovvbrede, Allem. Schweinbrodt

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT6510


Le Baguenaudier ou Faux Sene
Colutea Arborescens
Ital. Coluteo. Angl. Bastard Sena. Allem. Falscher Sens-baum.


Order Nr. REGNAULT6413


Le Millet

Panicum miliaceum.
Ital. Miglio. Angl. Millet. Allem. Hirsen.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6468


Le Seigle

Secale Cereale
Ital. Segola. Angl. Rye. Allem. Rocken.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6469


Le Froment

Triticum hybernum.
Ital. Fromento Grano. Esp. Trigo. Angl. Weat. Allem. Vuaituen ou Vueitzenkorn.

$ 220.00

Order Nr. REGNAULT 6472

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