Antique Fish Prints

Steel engravings from the "Naturalists Library" published between 1840-1860. Original hand coloring.

Very realistic images.

Most of the prints were engraved by Lizars.

Prints have various degrees of age toning that is tipical for prints this age.
A few have some minor spotting. Special faults will be mentioned.

Page size: 9.8 x 16.5 cm ( 3.8 x 6.4 ")

Price: $ 30.00 each.

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Prochilodus Binotatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9051

Hydrocyon Armatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9047

Hydrocyon ? Armatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9048

Schizodon Fasciatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9049

Serrasalmo Punctatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9040

Light smudging in lower left margin corner.

Serrasalmo Niger

Order Nr. FISHNAT9041

Erythrinus Macrodon

Order Nr. FISHNAT9050

Chalceus Macrolepidotus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9037

Xiphostoma Ocellatum

Order Nr. FISHNAT9046

Serrasalmo Emarginatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9042

Myletes Pacu

Order Nr. FISHNAT9044

Myletes Pacu

Order Nr. FISHNAT9043

Tetragonopterus Schomburgckll

Order Nr. FISHNAT9045

Prochilodus Innsignis

Order Nr. FISHNAT9052.

Print has some light smudging in lower left margin corner.

Anodus Notatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9038

Serrasalmo Piranha

Order Nr. FISHNAT9039

Osteoglossum Arowana

Order Nr. FISHNAT9055

Pimelodus Insignis

Order Nr. FISHNAT9060

Platysoma Tigrinum

Order Nr. FISHNAT9059

1. Chalceus labrosus. 2. Chalceus nigre toeniatus.

Order Nr. FISHNAT9054

Hypothalmus Davalla

Order Nr. FISHNAT9058

Dorsal Spine of Silurida

Order Nr. FISHNAT9057

Arius Oncinus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9066

Pimelodus Arekaima

Order Nr. FISHNAT9065

Hypostoma Squalinum

Order Nr. FISHNAT9062

Sudis Gigas

This is a double page print with two vertical folds to fit book size.

13.2 x 20.2 cm ( 5.2 x 7.9 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. FISHNAT9056

No Title

Fishing Poles, Nets and Harpoons.

Order Nr. FISHNAT9053

Pimelodus Notatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9061

Acanthicus Histrix
(Fort St. Joaquim in the distance)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9063

Doras Casteno Ventris

Order Nr. FISHNAT9064

Mesoprion Uniotatus (One spotted Mesoprion)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9067

Cychla Orinocencis

Order Nr. FISHNAT9068

Lates Nobilis ( The Lates of the Nile)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9069

The Guavina of Tarcarigua

Order Nr. FISHNAT9070

Unarmed Eremophilus. Pimelodus of the volcanos.

Order Nr. FISHNAT9071

Silurus Parkeri

Order Nr. FISHNAT9072

Spinolas Trachipterus


Cheilodipteris Arabicus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9075 SOLD

Blue Striped Wrasse

Order Nr. FISHNAT9076 SOLD

Niphon Sinosus ( The Spined Niphon)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9077

(The Zingel) Aspro Vulgaris (View on the Rhone)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9078

Serranus Phaeton (Long-tailed Serrano)

Order Nr. FISHNAT9079

Gymnotus fasciatus

Order Nr. FISHNAT9080

Sudis Gigas

This is a double-page print. Vertical centerfold.

13.1 x 20.2 cm ( 5.1 x 7.9 ")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. FISHNAT9081

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