Antique Prints of
Legal Professions ( Lawyer, Notary, Abogado, Notario, Rechtsanwalt, Notar, Avvocato, Notaio, Avocat, Notaire )

Enjoy these historical prints of various legal professions. All prints are in good condition unless otherwise mentioned. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular profession or trade.

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"Un tribunal de singes"

Wood engraving after Paul Friedrich Meyerheim (1842-1915)

Published in a Belgian periodical 1894

13,2 x 28,5 cm (ca. 5.2 x 11.2")

Very good condition.

$ 65.00 (Please look for discount at top of this page. Here 40% = $ 39.00)

Order Nr. LEGAL255580

"The Consultation"

Hand-colored wood engraving  after the painting by Benjamin Vautier (1829-1898)

Published as a special edition inLondon, 1874

An attorney / lawyer scrutinizing the evidence a client is showing him to explain his complaint.

Very good condition. Nice hand color. Reverse side is blank. Vertical centerfold has been flattened.-----

34 x 42,5 cm (ca. 13.4 x 16.7")

$ 280.00 (Please see discount at top of this page. Here 40% =$168.00

Order Nr. LEGAL254640

Honore Daumier.

Lithograph / Lithographie Series: Robert Macaire second series / zweite Serie Nr. 16

Published in "Le Charivari". Paris, 25.5.1841

DL 881

"Messieurs, accablé sous le poids du malheur, ruiné, dépouillé, j'ai perdu la tête, j'ai abandonné tout ce qui m'était cher, ma patrrrrie, mes créanciers, tout le bataclan…. me voici sur la terre étrangère….m à l'abri de mes persécuteurs, mais prêt aux plus grands sacrifices pour conserver intact le nom de Macaire. En conséquence je vous offre 2 pour % payables en dix ans ; …. par un refus vous ne pourriez que perdre l'espoir du sus dit 2 pour % et l'estime de votre serviteur Macaire.


Gentlemen, devastated by the weight of misfortune, ruined, abused, I have lost my head. I have abandoned everyone, that was dear to me, my home, my creditors, the entire gang. Here I am in a foreign country, protected from my persecutors, but prepared for the greatest sacrifices to keep intact the name of Macaire. In consequence I am offering you bonds at 2 % payable over 10 years... in case of a refusal you will not only lose the hope for your 2% but also the esteem of your  servant, Macaire.

Lithograph. Very clean. There is a faint vertical fold running down the middle. Reverse side has Charivari text print.

Including title and text: 29.5 x 19 cm (ca. 11.6 x 7.5")"


Order Nr. DAUMIER250442

"Je ne cous cacherai pas que mont client est un coquin"

Attorney in his summation (final speech)

I won't conceal from you, that my client is a Pascal -

Ich werde ihnen nicht verheimlichen, dass mein Mandant ein Spitzbube ist

Black ink drawing with spare use of color

Monogram at bottom right: AD

On grayish paper. Laid down on cardboard

Possibly executed in style of an exiting paragon.

Minimal traces of age and use.

Ca. 1960

49 x 31,5 cm (ca. 19.3 x 12.4")

$ 750.00 (Please look for discount at top of this page. Here: 40% = $ 450.00)

Oreder Nr. LEGAL252136

"La Consulta al Abogado" (consulting the lawyer)

Wood engraving made after a photograph of the painting by Jimenez Aranda.
Published 1884 On the reverse side is unrelated text.

Image: 17.5 x 23 cm (6.8 x 9")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. LEGAL254981

"The Lawsuit Die Rechtsverhandlung"

Fine steel engraving by A.H. Payne after a painting by Ch. Pauditz ca 1850.

Image: 12 x 18 cm ( 4.7 x 7 ")

$ 45.00


"Suisse 16eme Siecle. Avoyer et sa Domestique"

Bailiff, Gerichtsvollzieher, Schultheiss

Lithograph by Godefroy Engelmann (1788-1839)

After the drawing by Jean Victor Vincent Adam (1801-1866)

Paris, ca. 1840

Minor signs of age and use in margins.

$ 80.00


"Robert Macaire, Notaire" - Notar, Notary

Oh sublime Macaire! You, notary of the whole bank of bankers, inventor of pinched profit of bribes and all shades and sizes, you are being slandered, you are taken for a croundrel! …..Ingratitude of Society…..and their stockholders!"

Lithograph after Honore Daumier

Published "Le Journal pour fire". Ca. 1840

Robert Macaire is not a real person. He is a fictional character of doubtful esteem. He appears in French movies, plays, caricatures, etc. Honore Daumier depicted him as a swindler and a sinister character. Here he is accused of being a fraudulous notary.

Very good condition.

Including title and text: 20,6 x 12,7 cm (ca. 7.9 x 5")

$ 140.00


40% Discount on All Prints with a LEGALPROFESSION number on this page!

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Summery of the German text below image: It is a sad but necessary action to write a testament. But it serves the dying as well as the survivors. In this way the living will learn about the belongings they inherit and the dying know who will inherit their belongings after their life has ended.Continued text with details on reverse side.

A young notary helps to set up the testament of an old man, who dictates details. An old servant brings in a jewelry necklace.

Anonymous woodcut. Ca. 1550

Hardly any traces of age and use. Reverse side collector's stamp. Right margin with some minor blemishes.

9,8 x 15,5 cm (ca. 3.9 x 6.1")

$ 280.00 ( see discount above! )

Order Nr. LEGAL252253

"Das Testament" (Notary public opening testament)

An impressive, large folio size print. Very appropriate as occupationally relevant wall decoration for a notary's office. The heirs' expectations and suspicions very well expressed.

Type of print: Lithograph

Lithographen: Johann Woelfle (1807-1893)

After the painting by: David Wilkie (1785-1841)

Published in: Paintings in the Pinakothek Munich and in the Gallery in Schleissheim

Published by: Piloty and Loehle. Munich, 1833-40

Condition: Very Good

Image: 41 x 61,5 cm (ca. 16.1 x 24.2")

Sheet: 55 x 80 cm (ca. 21.7 x 31.5")

$ 1200.00


Village Secretary

"Le Secretaire de Village"

Wood engraving after Franz Meerts 1881. Reverse side is printed.

25 x 19 cm ( 9.8 x 7.4 ")

$ 35.00


„In der Diebeshöhle"  (Thieve's den)

Wood engraving after the painting by Ernst Bosch (1834-1917)

Big brother is watching as Grandpa, the old experienced pick pocket, is teaching his
little brother the sophistication and delicacy of stealing money from the pocket of an unwitting 
victim. A moveable puppet is used with bells all over, and the little apprentice has to steal
from a pocket without any of the bells betraying the hoodlum. It seems he is in an
advanced program of his trade, ready to be turned loose to support the family income.

Very good condition. Reverse side is printed with unrelated text.

15 x 22 cm (ca. 5.9 x 8.7")

$ 80.00  (Please see discount at top of this page. Here 40% = $ 48.00)

Order Nr. LEGAL254639

"Die Rechtsverhandlung" Legal consultation. A high class lady seeks advice from an attorney.

Very well hand-colored lithograph by Franz Hanfstaengl (1804-1877)

after the painting by Christoph Pauditz (1630-1666)

Lithograph is printed on China paper and rolled upon strong paper. Very light general age toning.
Minimal signs of age and use in margins.

Dry stamp of publisher at bottom center. Published by Hanfstaengl in his monumental grand folio size work: DresdenGallery

Hanfstaengl produced 195 lithographs for this enormous work. Munich, 1835-1852

34 x 51 cm (ca. 13,4 x 20")

$ 450.00


Ohne Titel. Testamentseröffnung.

No title. Opening of a will.

Stahlstich /Steel engraving von / by Peter Lightfoot (1805-1885)

Nach dem Gemälde / After the painting von / by George Bernard O'Neill (1828-1917).

Gleichmässige sympathisch leichte Alterspatina. Attraktive light age toning.

15 x 25,3 cm (ca. 5.9 x 10")

$ 50.00


40% Discount on All Prints with a LEGALPROFESSION number on this page!

Take 40% off the listed price.

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