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„Die Laender der unteren Donau vom Vten bis in das Xte Jahrhundert". Countries along the lower Danube from the 5th into the 10th century.

Steel etching by W. Alt. 1846. Faint borderline coloring.


Page size: 37 x 43.8 cm (14.6 x 17.2").

$ 180.00


"Rumaenien, Bulgarien und Serbien"

Interesting map showing the political borders of the time. Published 1895.
Light age toning. Vertical centerfold.

21.5 x 28 cm ( 8.4 x 11 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. ROMANIAMAP244435

"Romaniae, (quae olim Thracia dicta) Vicinarumque Regionum, Uti Bulgariae, Walachiae, Syrfiae, etc. Descriptio. Auctore Iacobo Castaldo MDLXXXIIII"

One of the most beautiful maps in the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. A Renaissance cartouche of size and beauty!

Type of print: Copper etching

Color: Exquisite hand coloring

Artist: Jacobo Castaldo (Jacopo Gastaldi ca. 1500-1586)

Published: In "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum". Antwerp, dated 1574

Publisher: Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598)

Verso text: Latin

Condition: Except for very minor traces of age and use in margins: Near excellent.

Especially the hand coloring is superb. A real collector's item!

36,3 x 50 cm (ca. 14.3 x 19.7")

$ 850.00

Order Nr. ROMANIA/MAP239954

„Principati di Moldavia E Vallachia Tratti dalle Carte dell'Impero Ottomano del Sig. Rizzi Zanoni"

Shows the part of Romania, which was earlier called Wallachia. Also shown Moldavia and parts of Ukraine. Parts of north-west coast of the Black Sea.

Copper etching by Antonio Zatta. Original hand coloring

Venise (Venezia, Venedig). Dated 1782

Condition: Very good. Wide margins

ca. 31 x 40,5 cm (ca. 12,.2 x 16")

$ 220.00

Order Nr. ROMANIA238397SOLD

„Pontus Euxinus Aequor Iasonio pulsatum remige primum" The Black Sea

Hand-colored copper etching. Published in „Parergon, sive veteris geographiae aliquot tabulae" - the historic part of „Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" by Abraham Ortelius. Antwerp, 1590. Verso: Text in Latin about the Black Sea area.

The attractive historic maps in the Ortelius atlas bear the old classical place- and land names.

This map comprises all abutters of the Black Sea and rivers that run into the Black Sea.

Starting from Turkey which owns a tiny corner of Europe and the entire Black Sea Coast in Asia we continue clockwise: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia.

A decorative title cartouche embellishes this very attractive map.

There are some signs of age and use in margins. Centerfold has been reinforced.
Some very minor holes visible when map is held to light. Small repairs in upper margin.
Repair on lower centerfold.
Side margins have been added through use of paper fiber.

35 x 49 cm (13.8 x 19.2")

$ 550.00

Order Nr. UKRANIAMAP250586


"Spezial-Karte der Dobrudscha" ( Dobrogea, Dobruca, Trans-Danubian )

Wood engraving ca 1885. Reverse side is printed ( in German ) with an article about the Russian-Turkish war.

On the right side is the mouth of the Danube River that "flows" into the map in the lower left corner. The map shows the railroads and roads that existed at the time.

Map has overall light age toning.

23.5 x 31.5 cm ( 9.2 x 12.4 ")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. ROMANIAMAP239948

"Rumaenien, Bulgarien, Serbien und Montenegro"

Detailed map of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro published 1892.
In the upper left is a detailed inset of Bukowina and Jassy,
Vertical centerfold. Light age toning in margins.

21 x 26.5 cm ( 8.2 x 10.4 ")

$ 55.00

Order Nr. ROMANIAMAP249144


Line lithograph map published in Paris in 1879.

Original folds to fit book size. Clean map.

22.9 x 19 cm ( 9 x 7.1 ")

$ 60.00

Order Nr. ROMANIAMAP234972

"Spezial-Karte der Gegend von Braila und Galatz"

Wood engraving ca 1880. Reverse side is printed.

13 x 13 cm ( 5.1 x 5.1 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. ROMANIAMAP238517


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