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From a ăcalendarium" (calender). Part of a ăBook of Hours" Ad beatam virginem Mariam.

Manuscript on vellum. Rouen, Northern France. Ca. 1450/ 80.

These pages are typical of Northern France and/or Flanders. The days gilded Some Saints in blue color , some in red color, some in leaf gold. On the sides decorative flower bodure typical for this area.

The velims are well preserved and show, as usual, some use, especially in the corner from turning the pages. These pages were scanned. Some print from the reverse side shows through.

Page size 15 x 10.5 cm (5.9 x 4.1")

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The month of September with traces of use. Among the Saints mentioned: St. Gilles - St. Antoine - St. Godegran - St. Marcel - St. Victor - St. Cleuthere - St. Madou - St.Gorgon - St. Nemesien - St. Maurille- St. Nicomede -St. Eufernie - St.Lambert - St. Feronel - St. Ligne -St. Matthieu (Mathew), St. Tecle, St. Felix, St.Fremin, St. Cyprien, St. Coline, St. Machiel

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The month of February with traces of use:

Among the Saints mentioned: St. Brigide, St. Blaise, St. Mertin, St. Agathe, St. Amant, St. Helene, St. Aubert, St. Scolace (Scholastica), St. Didier, St. Eulalie, St. Julian, St. Donata, St. Eleuthere, St. Front, St. Pierre (Peter), St.Mathias, St. Paulin, St. Romain

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The month of November with traces of use

Among the Saints mentioned: St. Marcel, St. Hubert, St. Lienard, St. Martin, St. Leo (Pope Leo I. 440 -461), St. Brice, St. Emond, St. Aignan, St. Elizabeth, St. Valerie, St. Columbain, St. Grisogono, St. Catherine, St. Vidal.

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