Exquisite Prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Cammini- " Diverse Maniere d'Adornare i Camini....." A selection of copper etchings showing fireplaces designed by Piranesi.

Cammini - Text - information for Cammini

Clocks - Beautiful selection of clocks designed by Piranesi

Vases, Candelabras and Urns

Vedute di Roma - the famous copper plates of the architectural gems of Rome

Vedute di Roma - Text - information for Vedute di Roma

Veduta di Roma - Copper plates by Jacob Friedrich after Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Statues by Francesco Piranesi - "Collection of exact renderings of the 30 best Marble Statues located in Rome". Francesco Piranesi (1758 Rome - Paris 1810) stepped into the artistic and editorial tradition of his father Giovanni Battista Piranesi. His subjects of attention was just as classical. Between the years 1780 and 1786 he engraved and published, as folio-size copper plates, his , which was later augmented by 10 additional plates. Here is our available stock from this stunningly beautiful collection:

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