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Piranesi, Giovanni Battista ( born October 4, 1720 in Mestre/Venice - died November 9, 1778 in Rome). Architect, archeologist, master designer and engraver.

When Piranesi arrived in Rome in the year 1740 he was instantly impressed by the splendor of the antique ruins in the ancient city. For almost a year he was an apprentice in ther studio of Guiseppe Vasi, his later collegue and rival, where he learned the art of engraving copper plates. He began his extremely sucessful career depicting Rome's architectural gems (antique and contemporary) on extra large-scale single sheets: the famous "Vedute di Roma" (Views of Rome). Piranesi was an obsessed artist. Relentlessly he added plates, sometimes variations of former ones, to the collection, until, at the end of his life, there was a total of 135 views showing the majesty and the splendor of the once poweful capital of the Roman empire.

If Piranesi's enterprise seemed adventurous in the beginning, it soon turned out to be very sucessful. The mix of mastership and sense for good business worked, as during the 18th century, traveling became popular among the educated classes of Europe. To see Rome (after having learned so much about its important role in history for the culture of the Western World) was the high point of any traveler's dream. And as they saw the ancient city's treasures, they discovered Piranesi's renderings of them in print. Their sheer size was as impressive as was their artistic value obvious. The tourists therefore liked to buy his prints, picking their favorites or even buying the entire collection. They made artful wall decorations at home and reminded the traveler of his journey. Piranesi printed at least twice the size of his competitors. Without a doubt, he was the formost in his field.

After Piranesi's death, his son Francesco took the plates to Paris and continued publishing his father's work between the years 1800 and 1807. As the "Vedute di Roma" have always been a collector's desire, the prints have become increasingly rare. Their popularity has led to scarcity.

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by Giovanni Battista Piranesi ( 1720 - 1778)

Measurements given are of the images.

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"Veduta di Campo Vaccino" - Foro Romano

Copper etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)

Published in "Vedute di Roma"

Hind 40. State III from VI. Rome, 1757

From 17th to the 19th century, before grand style excavations, the suburban area of the Foro Romano, was called Campo Vaccio. It was indeed used as a cow pasture and for animal market. That is why Giovanni Battista Piranesi, one of the greatest  Roman architects and artists, gave this title to his impressive etching. Pranesi did this copper etching after his own design.

Good impression on hand-made paper. Vertical centerfold is slightly visible. There is a vertical, slightly visible crease (in the sky) on left side. It disappears where the etching begins in the upper buildings. Margins have a few spots and some soiling. There is a stronger stain in lower left margin, and mirrored on the lower right margin, visible from the reverse side. Crease in right margin 4 cm. not in image.
Basically this print's condition is much better than good.

Image with title: 40,5 x 54,5 cm (ca. 15.9 x 21.5")

Order Nr. PIRANESI253432SOLD

Veduta della Villa dell'Emo. Sig. Card. Alesandro Albani fuori di Porta Salaria.

Hind 89 / I (This print was NOT published in Rose, but for the first time in Paris 1800 - 1807)

Strong, fine impression. Some very light browning and a few scattered spots. Light vertical crease in upper center of image.

43.5 x 69 cm ( 17.1 x 27.1 ")



Veduta della Gran Curia Innocenziana (Office of the Propigation of the Faith)

Hind 23 I / IV

With index numbers corresponding to those on the image. Each index number describes the function or inhabitant of the appartments as well as the surrounding palazzi and the piazza.

Print is from the First Roman Edition and has a fine impression. Margins are 2 cm wide. Some scattered spots and smudging in margins. Hardly visible vertical centerfold.

37.7 x 60.5 cm ( 14.8 x 23.8 ")

$ 2900.00

Order Nr. PIRANESI3219

Veduta del Sito, ov'era l'antico Foro Romano

Hind 41 V / VII

On either side of the title are descriptions with numbers corresponding to those in the image. The buildings, Monte Aventino and the piazza are described.

Print is from the First Paris Edition (1800 - 1807) and has very wide margins. Hardly any spots in margins. A few nearly invisible creases in lower margin.

38.5 x 59 cm (15.1 x 23.2 ")

$ 2700.00

Order Nr. PIRANESI3120

Piramide di C. Cestio

Hind 36 I / III (First Roman Edition)

Below the title are numbered descriptions corresponding to numbers in image.

Vertical centerfold. Along the centerfold is a partial parallel fold. Repaired tear on lower margin edge on centerfold.
Remnants of former mounting around extreme margin edges on reverse side.

38.5 x 52.5 cm ( 15.1 x 2.1 ")


Veduta degli avanzi superiori delle Terme di Diocleziano.

Hind 115 II / IV

Printes in the First Paris Edition (1800 - 1807). Ample margins (some minor smudging). A slight crease in sky. Print has a wide view of the area surrounding the Diocletian thermal baths. On both sides of the title are numbered descriptions of the monuments shown in the image.

41.7 x 68.7 cm ( 16.4 x 27 ")

$ 2200.00

Order Nr. PIRANESI3122

Vestibolo d'antico Tempio - Piranesi

"Vestibolo d'antico Tempio, oltre il quale s' entra nella Cella, per cui si gira all'intorno con tre Navate principali. Si scuopre pure in lontano la gran Cappella ove sta situata l'Ara principale pe' Sagrifizi"

Copper etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. State II with title and Nr. 13 in lower right corner within plate mark of the added second plate with title.

Published in "Prima Parte di Architectura"

Rome, 1743 / 1761

Light general age toning. Extreme lower right corner of margin repaired.
Minor signs of age and use.

Image: 23,5 x 35,1 cm (ca. 9.3 x 13.8")

Order Nr. PIRANESI 247610 SOLD

Sala all'uso degli antichi Romani con Colonne

"Sala all'uso degli antichi Romani con Colonne, e nicchie ornate di Statue…"

Copper etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. State II with title and Nr. 9 in lower right corner within plate mark of the added second plate.with title.

Published in "Prima Parte di Architectura"

Rome, 1743 / 1761

Light general age toning. Minor signs of age and use.

Image: 24,2 x 35,2 cm (ca. 9.5 x 13.9")

Order Nr. PIRANESI247611 SOLD

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