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View these historical prints showing various scenes from the Old Testament.

Prints are in good condition with a few signs of age. Special flaws are mentioned.

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"Figure de la Tour de Babel"

The Tower of Babel

Copper etching by Jean Desaulx, Jean-Nicola Lerouge and Marie Alexandre Duparc

After the drawing by Antoine Louis Goblain

Published in "Sainte Bible de Vence"

Author: Henri-François de Vence (1676-1749)

Paris edition, 1827

Minimal traces of age and use.

17,2 x 26,6 cm (ca. 6.7 x 10.5")

$ 120.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT245331

"Buch Hiob Cap. XXVI v. 13" .
The fulminant God. Crocodile and whale as well as coins and medals.

Copper etching. Published in "Physica sacra" (Bible) by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer. Augsburg, 1731-35

Traces of age and use in margins.

38 x 22,5 cm (ca.15 x 8.9")

$ 120.00

Order Nr. OLDTETAMENT252712

"Carte du Partage de la Terre Aux Trois Fils de Noe
et Leurs Descendents dresee par Fremin, Geogr. Eleve de M. Poirson, 1821"

Very interesting historical map of the regions inhabited by the three sons of Noah.

Noah had three sons: Sem, Ham and Japheth. According to the Hebrew Bible (Genesis). After the biblical flood, they dispersed into different directions. And their descendants were named Semite, Hamites and Japhetites.

This map shows the regions of the world into which they dispersed. And in the legend at the bottom of this map we see the key for tribal names and according geographical aereas

In the lower left corner are the names Japhet, Sem and Cham and the
names of their sons and regions.

The names on the map are mostly Old Testament names,
Map is dated 1821 and engraved and published by Barriere and brothers in Paris.

Map is in very good condition. Vertical centerfold.

Image: 24 x 32 cm ( 9.4 x 12,5 ")

$ 90.00

Order Nr. MIDDLEEAST252743

"Jakob's Traum"

Wood engraving after the painting by Bartolome Esteban Murillo.

Published in a German periodical. 1885

Light general age toning. Riverse side has unrelated text print.

23 x 32 cm (ca. 9 x 12.5")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. SLEEP245898

Paradise - Garden of Eden

"Das Paradis"

Wood engraving made after a copper engraving 1633. Published 1900.

9 x 12.5 cm ( 3.5 x 4.9 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT247804

"Prophet Jeramias"

Wood engraving ca 1865. Interesting ornamental background.

20.5 x 12.2 cm ( 8 x 4.8 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. JUDAISM8214

"Moses schlaegt Wasser aus einem Felsen" ( Moses gets water from a rock )

Wood engraving made after a painting by Raphael. Published ca 1880.

Overall pleasant age toning.

13 x 16.5 cm ( 5.1 x 6.4 ")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT249907

"Charpante de L'Arche"

The construction of Noah's Ark

Copper etching by Jean Desaulx and Marie Alexandre Duparc

After the drawing by Antoine Louis Goblain.

Published in "Sainte Bible de Vence"

Author: Henri-François de Vence (1676-1749)

Paris edition, 1827

Minimal traces of age and use.

16,2 x 26 cm (ca. 6.4 x 10.2")

$ 125.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT245332

"L'Arche de Noe selon des meilleurs auteurs".

Noah's Ark - Die Arche Noah

Copper etching by Claude Fortier (1775-1835) and Edme Bovinet (1767-1832)

After the drawing by Antoine Louis Goblain.

Published in "Sainte Bible de Vence"

Author: Henri-François de Vence (1676-1749)

Paris edition, 1827

Minimal traces of age and use.

19,2 x 35,5 cm (ca. 7.5 x 14")

$ 125.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT245333

"Entry in the Ark"

Steel engraving by Wellstood & Nichols after Carse ca 1860.

11 x 16 cm ( 4.3 x 6.2 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT245348

"Noah's Ark."

Type of print: Chromo-Lithograph

Artist: Anonymous

Publisher: Kelloggs & Comstock. Hartford, Connecticut.

Printed: 1848

This lithograph, printed in color, depicts the Biblical scene of animals, birds and fish boarding in pairs Noah's Ark, so that they may escape the deluge.

Condition: Image is in good condition. Margins show some traces of age and use.
Small repaired tears on left margin edge and right margin edge.

20,3 x 31,4 cm (ca. 8 x 12.4")

$ 220.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT239927

"Iudaea seu Palestina ob sacratissima Redemtoris vestigia hodie dicta Terra Sancta prout olim in duodecim Tribus divisa separatis ab invicem Regnis Iuda et Israel expressi insuper VI ultimi temporis ejusdem Terrae Provinciis..."

Palestine or Israel , divided in the 12 territories of tribes of Israel. The baroque cartouche shows Mose receiving the Ten Commandments. Lower right inset: Mose and the High Priest pointing at map showing the paths the Children of Israel took after leavin Egypt.

Above the little inset the two slaves carrying the heavy weight of the cluser of grapes.

Copper etching. Published by Johann Baptist Homann. Nuremberg, 1723.

One repaired tear. Otherwise map is in very good condition. Vertical centerfold.

$ 450.00

Order Nr. HOLYLAND 236006

"Pharao verfolgt die Juden ueber das rote Meer"

Wood engraving after the painting by F. A. Bridgman ca 1889.
Reverse side is printed. Vertical centerfold. Very light browning on margin edges.

30 x 45 cm ( 11.8 x 17.7 ")


"Jakob segnet Ephraim und Manasse"

Wood engraving ca 1865. Reverse side is printed.

11.2 x 15.2 cm ( 4.4 x 5.9 ")

$ 20.00

Order nr. JUDAICA235293

"Shishak And His Captives On Sculptured Wall At Karnac"

(Shishaq identified as Pharaoh Shoshenq I)

Wood engraving from an illustrated work, 1884. Reverse side is printed.

14.5 x 12.5 cm ( 5.7 x 4.9 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. JUDAISM8210

"Abraham & Hagar"

Steel engraving by D.J. Pound after a painting by Adr. v. d. Werff, ca 1850.
A few minimal spots in lower margin.

17 x 13.2 cm ( 6.7 x 5.2 ")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. JUDAISM8201

"Untergang der die ausziehenden Juden verfolgenden Aegypter in den Fluten des Roten Meeres"

( The sinking of the Egyptians in the Red Sea following the escaping Jews )

Wood engraving after a painting by Raffael published ca 1890.

Reverse side is printed.

13 x 18 cm ( 5.1 x 7 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. OLDTESTAMENT249949

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