Antique Prints of Andechs and Lake Ammer

Here is a small selection of views from Bavaria; steel etchings, lithographs, and copper etchings in alphabetical order. You can look at views of Bavarian Swabia, Allgaeu, Lake Constance , Franken (Franconia) and Munich views separately. If you don't find what you are looking for, please ask us. Our selection for Bavaria is especially well sorted.

Ansichten von Andechs und Ammersee

Hier folgt eine kleine Auswahl von Ansichten von Bayern, Stahlstiche, Lithographien, und Kupferstiche. Falls Sie hier nicht finden, was Sie suchen, fragen Sie uns. Unsere Bayern Abteilung ist um ein Vielfaches grösser als hier erscheint. Ansichten von Schwaben, Allgaeu, Bodensee , Franken und München sind separat.


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"Weil ich so oft an Sie gedacht hab ich dieses mitgebracht / Die heil drei Hostien"

Chromo-litho. Ca. 1890

Minimal traces of age and use. Mounted on cardboard

12 x 8,4 cm (ca. 4.7 x 3.3")

$ 70.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239057

"Gnaden-Bildnisse auf dem heiligen Berg Andechs"

Lithograph printed on pink paper

Published by Heindl. Munich, ca. 1890

View of Mount Andechs with the Benedictene monastery

Clean and nice condition. Mounted on cardboard.

11,7 x 7,5 (ca. 4.6 x 3")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 293040

"Bilder vom Ammersee"

Wood engraving after the drawing by H. Nisle

1 Diesen - 2 Kloster Andechs - 3 Schloss Ried - 4 Klosterkirche in Diessen -

5 Klosterbraeustube in Andechs - 6 Partie aus dem Kienthal

Published ca. 1880

Good condition. Light age toning. Reverse side is printed.

31 x 22,6 cm (ca. 12.2 x 8.9")

$ 45.00


"Seglerwoche am Ammersee"
"dort faehrt mein Freund, der Huber. Der nimmt jetzt 'n Kurs aufs Andechser Klosterbier!"

Wood engraving printed in color after the original by Karl Arnold, 1912.
On the reverse side is a colorful image of Charenton.

20 x 19 cm ( 7.8 x 7.4 ")

$ 40.00

Order Nr. BAYERN245260

"Der heilige Berg Andechs". View from the east

Chromo-lithograph. Ca. 1860

Near flawless. Reverse side has prayer

7 x 10 cm (ca. 2.8 x 3.9")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239043

"Les 3 Stes.-Hosties de la Sainte Montaggne d'Andechs (Bavière) pres du Lac d'Ammer"

Anonymous water color of the monstrance with the three hosts. Ca. 1860.

Mounted on cardboard of a friendship book.

Condition: Flawless

Image: 9,3 x 6,3 (ca. 3.7 x 2.5")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239054

Blessed Mechthild Helseda

10 April. Die selige Mechtildis von Helseda.

Wood engraving ca 1885. Image is surrounded by text. Backside is printed.

8.5 x 11 cm ( 3.3 x 4.7 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. SANTO9626

"S. Mechthildis, Jungf. 29 Merz"

Below and on the reverse side is text. Ca. 1800

Anonymous copper engraving. Good condition.

Image: 6.7 x 5.4 cm ( 2.6 x 2.1 ")
Page size:: 13 x 6.8 cm ( 5.1 x 2.6 ")

$ 45.00

Order Nr. SANTO240093

"S. Mechtildis"

The open prayer book says: "Himmlische Offenbahrungen". Ca. 1770.

Anonymous copper engraving. Minor signs of age and use.

13,8 x 8 cm ( 5.4 x 3.1 ")

$ 60.00

Order Nr. SANTO240092

"Die Selige Mechtildis Jungfrau zu Andechs"

Anonymous copper engraving ca 1780.

Very good condition.

Image:18.5 x 15 cm ( 7.2 x 5.9 ")

$ 150.00

Order Nr. SANTO240091

"Referant boni lauduntunali Ad Bibliothecam S. Montis Andex"

Ex Libris of the Library of the Monastery Andechs. RARE!

Copper etching by Matthaeus Sigmund Salmusmueller (1696-1731)

Augsburg, Germany, ca. 1730

A rare sample of an Andechs- ex libris!

Condition: Very good. Minimal traces of age and use. Not used in a book

11 x 7,5 cm (4.3 x 3")

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239056SOLD

"S. Elisabetha Andecensis" Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia. (1207-1231)

"Manum suam aperuit inopi et palmas suas extendit ad pauperem"

(She opened her hands to the handicapped and to the poor)

Copper etching (figures) by Johann Matthias Kager (1566-1634)

and Raphael Sadeler (1560-1632)

Executed in detail by Pierre Mariette (1694-1774)

The here available 2nd edition was printed ca. 1730

Elisabeth was the daughter of King Andrew of Hungaria and his wife Gertrud of Carinthia-Andechs-Meranien. She is one of the most famous German saints and reverenced as Elisabeth of Thuringia.

Condition: Very good. Only minimal traces of age and use. Framed in a 19th century narrow black frame.

Image: 24,3 x 19 cm (ca. 9.6 x 7.5")

Overall including frame: 34 x 25 cm (ca. 13.4 x 9.8")

$ 120.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239037

Title left: "Anbetung des dreyfachen wunderbarlichen Sacramento auf dem heiligen Berge Andechs"

Title right: "Verehrung der gnadenreichen Mutter Gottes Maria auf dem heiligen Berge Andechs"


(Adoration of the miracle-working hosts - Adoration of the virgin Mary on the holy mountain in Andechs)

Beautifully originally hand-colored lithograph by an anonymous hand, Ca. 1850

showing the Ammersee with Stegen and the discharge at the north end of Ammersee, Andechs, Herrsching and Diessen in the distance. Above this geographical image, the three hosts and below the two images of the Virgin Mary. To the left and to the right of image prayers to Jesus and to MaryVery beautiful, very rare!

Condition: Horizontal centerfold. Light general age toning. One very small hole in left title, underneath of which the letter "n" had beed added by hand. Matted and framed. Green sticker is a catalog number that will be removed.

Image with prayers: 12,5 x 18,8 cm (ca. 4.9 x 7.4")

$ 140.00 Framed

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239050

"Der hl. Berg Andechs" View from the south. Framed

Steel engraving by Jobst Riegel (1821-1878)

After the drawing by Eduard Schleiden (1809-1883)

Condition: Very good. Engraving is very nicely framed. Green sticker is a catalog number that will be removed.

Image: 8,3 x 11,5 cm (ca. 3.3 x 4.5")

Overall with frame: 23,3 x 24,8 cm (ca. 9.2 x 9.8")

$ 110.00 Framed

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239052

"Kloster - Andechs" View from the north towards monastery and Alps

Type of print: Chromo lithography ca. 1900

Artist: Anonymous

Very good condition. Very attractive colors.

38,5 x 50,5 cm (ca. 15.2 x 19.9")

$ 220.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS239244

"Mons Sanctus, Andechs" (The holy mountain Andechs). Framed

Very finely done copper etching by Karl Stengel (1581-1663)

Published in "Monasteriologia in qua insignium aliquot monasteriorum familiar S. Benedicti in Germasnia" (Views of Benedictan monasteries in Germany)


Stengel was abbot in the Benedictine monastery in Anhauen an der Brenz

View from south-west. On left side a bit of southern end of Ammersee visible.

Below image and on reverse side the history of Andechs in Latin language.

Condition. Only minimal traces of age and use. Right margin has been added.

Upper left and right corners show remnants of fastening. Obviously this engraving

had once been matted or framed. Frame has front and rear glass to show the entire text.

Green sticker is a catalog number that will be removed.

Image: 12 x 17 cm (ca. 4.7 x 6.7")

Full page: 29 x 17,5 cm (ca. 11.4 x 6.9")

Overall with frame: 38 x 28 cm (ca. 15 x 11")

$480.00 including frame

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239051

"Die HH 3 Hostien". The three mot holy 3 hosts.

The monastery and a woman and a man below

Copper etching by Carl Jacob Heinrich Frehling. Ca. 1720

Condition: Light general age toning. Mounted on cardboard which is titled "Allemagne (Baviere)". Obviously from a friendship book.

9,2 x 5,8 cm (ca. 3.6 x 2.3")

$ 60.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239041

"Gnaden-Bildniss auf dem heiligen Berg Andechs"

View of Andechs from the east. Above it: The three hosts and two variations of Virgin Mary

Chromo-lithograph published by Zorn & Anzmann. Augsburg, ca. 1860

Reverse side has printed prayer

Condition: Near flawless. Mounted on cardboard of friendship book

Image: 8 x 5.8 cm (ca. 3.1 x 2.3"9

$ 60.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239042


Color copper line etching in blue and braun. RARE! Very small edition.

By Carl Lebsché (1800-1877)

Publisher: Herrmann & Barth. Munich, ca. 1835

FRAMED in gold frame. Light age toning. A few minor spots in margins.

An exceptional piece of art.

View: 13 x 17 cm (ca. 5.1 x 6.7")

Overall: 32,7 x 34,2 cm (ca. 12.9 x 13.5")

Order Nr. ANDECH239019SOLD

"Kloster Andechs in Oberbayern"

Wood engraving after the drawings by Anton Lewy (1845-1897)

Published: Ca. 1890

From upper left: Inside Andechs church - Andechs village and monastery - crucifix of St. Elesabeth - inside Chapel and treasury - "Bierstube" - Fountain of St. Elisabeth - entrance to prelature - Monastery church. Reverse side has one more wood engraving: Refectory plus text print.

Condition: Very good. Vertical centerfold.

33 x 50,8 cm (ca. 13 x 20")

$ 60.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239023

Painting. - Andechs - View from the North towards the Alps

Very pleasantly executed oil painting of the monastery. Done in nice detail.

On the right we get a glimpse of the south end of Ammersee

Oil on canvas

Artist: Anonymous

Time: Ca. 1880- 1920

Condition: Very good. Framed in a wooden frame.

30 x 44 cm (ca. 11.8 x 17.3")

$ 850.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS239062

"Closter Andechs der Heil. Berg"

Copper etching. Published in: "Chur-baierischer Atlas"

By Anton Wilhelm Ertl (1654-1715)

Light general age toning. Condition is Very Good. Framed!

View: 8 x 14 cm (ca. 3.1 x 5.5")

Overall: 24 x 29,5 cm (ca. 9.5 x 11.5")

$ 125.00 Framed. Frame not shown.

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239027

"Album zur Erinnerung an den heil. Berg Andechs". Title of an album

Chromo-lithograph. Published by Carl Poelath, Schrobenhausen, ca. 1880

Flawless condition. Mounted on page of friendship book

10 x 6,7 cm (ca. 3.9 x 2.6")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239022

"S. Andechsberg"

"Ubi verba non iuvant verbera adhibenda sunt"

Copper etching published in "Thesaurus Philo-Politicus" (Meisner's Schatzkästlein, dass its: Newes Emblematisches Buechlein darin in 8 Centuriis de Vornembste Staett Vestung Schloesser der gamtzen Welt" by Daniel Meisner and Eberhard Kieser.

Meisner's Schatzkaestlein was published in 8 installments between 1623 and 1638.

The appearance of the etchings is typical: a motto in Latin above image. Title within copper plate. Image with another logo underneath and a poem, usually in German. The motto for Andechs is "Words". The German poem in loose translation: "Use sweet words or harsh words, if none of them help, quit talking but chase the lazy away so that he might learn something"

Condition: Minimally creased. Near Very Good. Framed.

Image including text part: 9,7 x 14,3 cm (ca. 3.8 x 5.6")

$ 350.00 Framed

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239046

"Kloster Andechs" View from the east.

Wood engraving by Ferdinand Brauer (1867-1941). Published in a German periodical ca. 1895.

Condition: General age toning. reverse side has unrelated text print

14,6 x 10 cm (ca. 5.7 x 3.9")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239049

"Kloster Andechs 1970" Procession of pilgrims returning from Andechs.

Water color over pencil by Max Raffler (1902-1988). Titled upper left. Signed upper right.

Raffler's talent for painting was discovered only when he was already sixty years old. He was a farmer, who lived in Greifenberg on the Ammersee. He was coached by a friend (Toni Roth), had exhibitions in Munich and other cities in Bavaria and won the second prize among 3647 participants at an Amsterdam International Sunday Painter exhibit. Suddenly he was well known, and his art was very much sought. Calendars were produced and post cards. Books about Raffler and his work were published and several documentary movies were made about him. Individual exhibits followed in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc.

Raffler's art style is endearing. He painted what he knew and what he saw. Being a religious man, many of his watercolors show that. We lived only a few miles up the lake, and so I met Raffler in 1976. One of his sisters kept book on in-coming orders. I wanted to buy a watercolor of Andechs . Raffler painted in the kitchen, in a half-sitting, half lying position under a big window. He would not even look up when someone entered the kitchen. He just kept painting. Raffler was 74 when I first met him, and he was already quite sick and tired. His artwork at that time had suffered from his age and weariness. It was nearly impossible to get any of his artwork on the open market dated before the current date, as he sold any of his paintings right off the bat. His order books were filled, and he did not produce much. Being a "neighbor" his sister led me to the small stash she had framed on the wall and in a beat-up portfolio for special customers. I was allowed to buy three of Raffler's paintings from his good days, this being one of them. Raffler was never married. He was taken care of by his sisters. They told me that he had been painting all his life, and that they had trashed every single painting he had made before he was "discovered".

Condition: Flawless. Still in the frame the Raffler sisters had given it.

Image, visible under the narrow matting: 44,5 x 34,3 cm (ca. 17.5 x 13.5")

Overall including frame: 51,8 x 41,7 cm (ca. 20.4 x 16.4")

$ 380.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239047

Holzhausen from the west towards the lake. Opposite side Herrsching and on the far right Andechs

Etching by Walter Conz (1872-1947). Ca. 1900

Signed lower right: W. Conz

Condition: Framed. General age toning. A little water stain lower right outside plate mark.

Image: 25 x 39 cm (ca. 9.8 x 15.4")

Overall with frame: 46 x 62,5 cm (ca. 18.1 x 24.6")

$ 250.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239028

"Schloss Andechs in Ostfranken"

Anonymous hand-colored wood engraving. Ca. 1870

A curious piece, because the title is partially wrong. Andechs is NOT in Franconia but in Upper Bavaria. Mistakes like this one happened occasionally. Picture and title were often done by different people: Artist and helper. The title description was always hand-written and sometimes hard to read. It should be "Oberbayern"and not "Ostfranken".

The procession is approaching Andechs from the east, giving us a rare sight at the monastery, which is usually depicted from the west.

Condition: Very good. Print has been laid down on cardboard

$ 40.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239020

"Ansicht vom hl. Berg Andechs". View of the Benedictine Monastery

Aquatinta in attractive original hand coloring. Ca. 1820

A procession arriving on the steep hill from Ammersee

Minor traces of age. Mounted on page of a friendship book

6,5 x 9,5 cm (ca. 2.6 x 3.7")

$ 90.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239021

"Bilder vom Ammersee"

Hand-colored wood engraving by G. Heine. Ca. 1890

From upper left: Boat from Grafrath to Ammersee near Stegen - Kienthal - Peer in Herrsching - Andechs - a walk of boarding schoolers - "Bierstube" - View of Diessen - "Taubenturm" in Diessen.

Light age toning. lower left corner has little crease. Reverse side has unrelated text print.

25,3 x 18,8 cm (ca. 10 x 7.4")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239024

"Der heilige Berg Andechs"

Anonymous steel engraving. Published by G.J.Manz in Regensburg. Ca. 1850.

A little age toned print is mounted on cardboard. Next to its accompanying text

View: 11,7 x 8 cm (ca. 4.6 x 3.1")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239025

"Ein Knabe von Andechs 1816"

Lithograph by Lorenz Quaglio (1793-1869).

Published in Munich, 1820

Lorenz Quaglio derived from a famous Italian artists family who settled in Munich, Germany. Lorenz did a circumspect series of drawings about city and country life in Bavaria, all of which were printed before 1821 (end of 25-year period after invention of lithography), so that they are all incunabula (cradle prints) of lithography. Quaglio's love for correct detail is celebrated by costume researchers.

Condition: Light general age toning. One spot in upper right. Shown is part of the passpartout. Framed.

Image: 25,7 x 20,8 cm (ca. 10.1 x 8.2")

Overall including frame: 46,3 x 39,4 cm (ca. 18.2 x 15.5")

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239038SOLD

"Die drei wunderheiligen Hostien"

(The 3 miracle working hosts)

"Die zwei Wunderheilige Mutter Gottes Bilder auf dem H. Berg Andechs OSB in Ober Baijrn"

(The two miracle working pictures of Mother of God on the holy mountain Andechs in Upper Bavaria)

Anonymous copper etching ca. 1800 With real gold applications.

Condition: Etching is mounted on thin cardboard. Private collection in album. Guilding is partially chipped off.

French translation of titles in carefully scriptured ink underneath image on cardboard

Image: 11 x 7,3 cm (ca. 4.3 x 2.9")

$ 60.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239048


Ohne Titel. Blick von Osten auf das Benediktiner-Kloster Andechs. Im Hintergrund der Ammersee.

Anonyme Federlithographie. Ca. 1840

Oben im Himmel die Monstranz mit den Drei Heiligen Hostien, die wichtigste Reliquie von Kloster Andechs (wer darübet mehr wissen möchte, den verweisen wir auf ausführliche Beschreibungen im Internet)

Die Monstranz wird flankiert von einem Bischof, einer gekrönten Frau (vermutlich gemeint ist die Heilige Hedwig, die aus Andechs stammt und durch Heirat Königin von Polen wurde). Ein Söldner hält die Bibel in Händen, ein Benediktinermönch etwas für mich Undefinierbares.

Die Personen im unteren Bereich der Lithographie.

Obere Reihe von links: Herzog Ernst von Bayern - Herzog Albrecht III von Bayern genannt "der Fromme" - Berthold III. Graf von Andechs - Heinrich Markgraf von Istrien, Graf von Adechs

Unten: Maximilian II Emanuel von Bayern - Karl Albert von Bayern und der Pfalz

In einer Kartusche über dem Wappen die Buchstaben M.A. und M.S.

Seltene Federlithographie. Sehr gut erhalten und in einem alten, teils beschädigten Rahmen mit Pssepartoout.

Lithographie: 16,1 x 8,8 cm)

Rahmen aussen gemessen: 30 x 21,2 cm

$ 175.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS239026

"Andenken an Andechs"

Lithograph. Printed in color. Punched bordure. Ca. 1880

Flawless. Mounted on cardboard

11 x 7,5 cm (ca. 4.3 x 3")

$ 70.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239058

"Die wunderbaren heil 3 Hostien auf dem heil. Berge Andechs"

Steel engraving. Original color.

Published in Fraenckel's Kunstanstalt. Nuremberg, ca. 1850

Very good condition. Mounted on cardboard

7,5 x 5,3 cm (ca.3 x 2.1")

$ 70.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239044

"H. Berg Andechs"

Photo-Litho. Title hand-written in red ink. Ca. 1890

Mounted on cardboard

5,9 x 9 cm (ca. 2.3 x 3.5")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239045


"Heilige Berg Andechs"

Copper etching by M. Merian, 1646.
Upper, left and lower margins are narrow. Overall light age toning.

12 x 17.5 cm ( 4.7 x 6.8 ")

$ 70.00

Order Nr. BAYERN3547

"U.l. Frau zu Andechs in Bayern" (Our dear lady of Andechs in Bavaria)

Southern view.

Anonymous line lithograph. Ca. 1860

Condition: Flawless. Mounted on cardboard of a friendship book.

5,2 x 9 cm (ca. 2 x 3.5")

$ 50.00

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239059

"Gnadenbild ind Kirche in Andechs". View from south. Above it Virgin Mary.


Perforated lace steel engraving by an anonymous hand

Light general age toning. Very minor traces of age. Mounted on gold foil. Elaborate matting with gold bordure. FRAMED. Altogether very nice and rare! Green sticker with catalog number will be removed

Image: 7,7 x 5,6 cm (ca. 3 x 2.2")

Overall with frame: 21,5 x 19,5 cm (ca. 10 x 7.7")

$ 110.00 RARE!

Order Nr. ANDECHS 239053


Brustkreuz der hl. Elizabeth.

Wood engraving of from an illustrated
work ca 1880. Reverse side is printed.
Lower margin has been added.

17 x 12.8 cm ( 6.7 x 5 ")

$ 20.00

Order Nr. BAYERN3608

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