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Enjoy looking at these historic prints. Prints are in good condition unless otherwise mentioned. It is normal for antique prints to show traces of age and use.

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"Al Illmo Sign. Francesco Conte de Bressac, Moschettiere della seconda compagnia del Re Cristianissimo amatore delle belle arti. In segno d'ossequio il Cavaliere Gio. Batta. Piranesi D.D.D."

"Vasi antichi di marmo eccellentemente scolpiti, sei vedono in Inghilterra presso il Sign. Cavalier Townley trasportativi nell' anno 1768"

Three antique vases. The one in the middle with a Greek inscription on its base, and with an Ouroboros around the bottom of this elegant marble vase, dedicated (in memoria) to Francesco di Cosse-Brissac (1585-1651).

Published in the series: "Vase, candelabra, dipping, sarcophagi, tripod,, Lucerne, ed ornaments antichi disegnati ed incisi dal Cav. Gio.Batt. Piranesi pubblicati l'anno MDCCLXXIIX

Rome, Roma, Rom, 1778

Upper vas with the Ouroboros, the snake forming a circle and biting its own tail; The Ouroboros is a symbol of eternity, used also symbolically by occult alchemists. The Ouroboros goes back to antique Egyptian times.

Strong impression, clean print, a horizontal fold across through the base. Wide margins had been folded back in earlier times.

Lower left vase with battle scene. Lower right vase with vine leaves, grapes and pine cone.


Image within plate marks: 56 x 39 cm (ca. 22 x 15.4")

Sheet size: 76 x 57 cm (ca. 29.9 x 22.4")

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Order Nr.PIRANESI255785

The Reaper with wings

Approaching an athletic classical male marble torso

Statues of Rome

"Icones et Segmenta Nobil. Signorum et Statuarum quae Romae extant"

Dedication title frontispiece

Ill.mo D.D. Rogerio Duplesseis domino de Liancourt, marchioni de Montfort ... Segmenta nobilium signorum e[t] statuar?, quae temporis dentem invidium evasere Vrbis aeternae ruinis erepta typis aeneis abce commissa, perpetuae venerationis monumentum Franciscus Perrier, D. D. D. 1638.

Heroi virtutum et magnarum artium eximio cultori. Aurorum pace belloque praestantium et qeui melioris decora referenti. Segmenta nobilium signorum e[t] statuaru[m], quae temporis dentem inuidium euasere vrbis aeternae ruinis erepta typis aeneis ab se commissa perpetuae uenerationis monumentum /

Franciscus Perrier. D.D.D.

Francois Perrier (ca. 1590-ca.1650)

Rome, 1638

Image: 24 x 15,5 cm (ca. 9.5 x 6.1")

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Order Nr. PERRIER254146

"Ara o Mensa di Bacco"

Altar or table of Bacchus.

Copper etching by Francesco Piranesi (1758-1810), son of Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)

After his own drawing.

Published as plate VIII in the series ăRaccolta de Templi Antichi" by Francesco Piranesi

Paris, 1836

Text below image: ăIn quest 'Ara rotunda e incise un inscrizione Greca, che dichiara qui questa mensa di Bacco

Fu posta d'approntano Sacro Interprete o Sacerdote de suoi Misteri. Quali vengono indicata dal serpente cristato che la circonda, solito Simbolo di questa Divinita"

The Ouroboros (snake biting itself in its own tail) is an old symbol, already found in Egyptian symbolism. The snake forming a closed circle symbolizing eternity. The Ouroboros is also symbolic in Alchemy.

Strong impression. Printed on thick wove paper- Minimal traces of age and use. Condition is to be described as Very Good.


Image within plate marks: 38,5 x 25 cm (ca. 15.2 x 9.8")

$ 750.00 (Please look for discount at top of this page. Here 40% = $ 450.00)

Order Nr. PIRANESI 255772


Copper etching by Salomon after Friese

Ca. 1830/40

An Augur was, in classical Roman times, a priest who practiced augury (prophecy).

He interpreted the will of the Gods by observing the flight of birds. This practice was called

"taking the auspices". Any major undertaking (be it military, commercial or religious) was preceded by a ceremony, in which the Augur interpreted good or bad luck from the birds' flight.

Very good condition

16 x 20,2 cm (ca. 6.3 x 8")

$ 130.00 (Please look for discount at top of this page)

Order Nr. OCCULT 253216

"Fussschattner und andere Wundermenschen"

Wood engraving on a page of text about occult happenings and
special persons of mythological cults. The text continues on the
reverse side. Published 1881.

Image: 7.5 x 10.5 cm ( 2.9 x 4.1")

$ 25.00

Order Nr. OCCULT252925

"Death the Reaper"

Wood engraving made after the painting by Sir J. E. Millais.
Engraved by P, Nauman. Published 1895..

23 x 15 cm ( 9 x 5.9 ")

$ 35.00

Order Nr. OCCULT252391

No Title. Various occult symbols.

Wood engraving 1844. On the reverse side is an explanation of images 4-10.

14 x 11.5 cm ( 5.5 x 4.5 ")

Order Nr. OCCULT245904 SOLD

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